The Five Ugliest Titles in Wrestling.

With hundreds of pro wrestling titles being won and lost around the world, not all of them can look great.  Some titles are terrible, but due to their history are loved nonetheless.  Others, no matter how they’re looked at, are awful.  Today we look at the top 5 worst looking titles in professional wrestling.

5. NWA World 6 Man Tag Team Championship

How can this belt be any more wrong?  A gaudy number 6 in the middle, which neither stands out nor fills up the available space.  The grammar is poor, as it should be a 6 men title.  Speaking of six men, there are 8 men on the belt.  Plus, none of the plates picture a team of three, making the side pieces no different than a normal tag team title.

4.  WWE Divas Championship

Known as the Tramp Stamp title, the WWE Divas championship is the only belt that would look better worn backwards.  Now the only women’s title in all of WWE, it symbolizes the lack of respect for women’s wrestling.  The title which traced its lineage from the Fabulous Moolah to Sheri Martel to Trish Stratus is gone.  As long as WWE keeps this belt on actual Divas and not wrestlers, it should remain.  Hopefully one day actual wrestlers like Gail Kim and Natalya will have a title they can be proud to wear.

3.  NWA TNA X Championship

While the TNA X Division is one of the greatest innovations to come along in wrestling, this original version of the title is not.  The large tacky X doesn’t create images of no limits wrestling, but instead images of no holes barred pornography.  The word “title”, in unexplained black, is a tribute to the incomplete design process. During said process, the designer typed “title” in this place, intending to come back and finish the appearance with a more inspiring design.  That is my theory to explain the color and font, which matches nothing else on the belt.  There is also the NWA TNA at the top, which is either yellow or due to the gold and red, appears to be yellow to those of us susceptible to mind tricks.

2.  TNA World Heavyweight Title (Jeff Hardy Immortal version)

What. The. Fuck.  Sure we’ve all seen vanity titles.  The spinner belt, the rated R version of the spinner belt, and the legendary Smoking Skull title.  The difference is, those belts were all cool.  Whether this shows off Jeff Hardy’s collection of ninja throwing stars, or sheriffs badges from around the US, is unknown at this point.  What is known is any other champion would be embarrassed to have this title.  Congratulations Kurt Angle, you just won the TNA Immortal title!  “You know what, guys, thanks but no thanks.  I’ll just carry this replica belt from Jakks.”  The spread out image of Jeff Hardy’s face on the center plate sums up the purpose of the title.  Self fellating.

1.  WCW World Title (Western States Version/Florida Championship Version)

As wrestling fans, we are all familiar with the time Ric Flair took the big gold belt with him into WWF.  But what happened in WCW at the time?  Lex Luger and Barry Windham fought for the vacant WCW title at Great American Bash 1991.  Not only was the title vacant in the meaning that no man could claim the title.  It was also vacant from the building — because Ric Flair was holding it.  Not one to let logic and reason get in the way, WCW takes either the old Western States title or the Florida Heavyweight Championship from Dusty Rhodes’s Professional Wrestling Federation (both versions of the story are out there) out of the attic, dusts it off, throws a 5 cent “World champion” plaque on it, and calls it the WCW world title.  Seriously, look at the 7:30 mark on the below video for the horror that is this title.

This missing belt problem lasted for years and led to the WCW International world title controversy.  Because, really, what sort of wrestling organization would recognize two separate world champions?


  1. you are really missing some hideous title belts such as the Intercontinetal title belt that Tito santana dropped to Greg Valentine and the orignial Intercontienental title. The CWA title. The Belt that was given to Stone Cold Steve Austin after the “Winged Eagle” Was retired was not too pretty neither was the Intercontienental title that The rock held either. (The one with those rounded plates) YUCK! How about keeping simple instead of trying moderanize these belts. Some times you just have to stick to what works and looks good. For example the N.W.A Television title/National Heavyweight title/American heavyweight title/AWA Tag team title plates/Hogan 85, the AWA “Inmate belt” that Nick Bockwinkel, Jumbo Tsuruta, Rick Martel, Stan Hansen was not a bad belt. These weren’t bad belts. The UWF TAG Team titles (MID SOUTH) were great looking belts. The 1984-86 NWA TAG TEAM TITLE BETLS (worn by the rock & roll express, The midnight express, the koloffs, Rick Rude and Manny Fernadez) I don’t know what these guys are thinking. WHO CARES IF A BELT SPINS! A belt is supposed to be mark of prestige saying that the wrestler is deserving of the push.

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