To Live and Die in The Walking Dead.

It has become obvious that The Walking Dead TV show is not following the comics directly.  So far this has not led to any problems.  But television is an interesting beast.  Due to contracts and corporations some pressure might be placed on the show runners to change certain characters fates.  While with some this wont matter, other cast members need to die.  With that we look at five characters whose fates should change.

Massive spoilers ahead.

A lot of people die (and live) in this book, so this list is only the top 5 who should change.

Dr. Eugene Porter – Should Be Dead.

There are so few certainties in the world of The Walking Dead.  Not only is it a world without government, an economy, or any expectations that we have every day.  Its also a world without guarantees, like the expected guarantee of a tomorrow.  The only thing left is trust.  Trust that the defenses will hold, the gun will shoot, and that the people in the group are being honest.   Enter a new group member, promising the mystery will be solved if everyone makes it to Washington DC.  A glimmer of hope, safety, and maybe a return to a pre zombie world.  Then it is revealed that this is all a lie.  Eugene lied in order to protect himself.  By putting every other survivor in danger, Eugene needs to die or at least be left for dead.  If not for his own actions, then as an example of what happens to those that will purposely endanger others.

Tyreese – Should Live

At first Tyreese’s death was the most shocking thing in the history of the comic.  Sure, beheadings had taken place in comics before.  Probably hundreds, if not thousands of them.  But none so violent.  Real head chopping isn’t done with adamantium that can slice through bone in one shot (then cut a tomato!).  It would take time.  Ever try to cut down a tree branch by chopping it?  Not something that can be done with one shot or with perfect precision every time.  The death of Tyreese showed that anyone can die at any time in The Walking Dead, and that message was necessary.  Then Lori died.

Lori’s death lessened Tyreese’s death.  In his death, the survivors were left without an alternate leader.  Rick and Carl were absent for a time.  Dale tried to step into the role, but didn’t want the responsibility.  Tyreese was needed as a counter balance to Rick.  Even when they disagreed, at times violently, there was mutual respect.  Both men wanted nothing but the safety of the group.  Even when Rick and Tyreese wanted to kill each other they still had each other’s backs at any time.  The bond they shared was akin to the “only I can say bad things about my family” mentality that siblings share.  Tyreese’s void is Abraham’s to attempt to fill, but thus far Abraham has not reached the level of respect and love that Tyreese had.


Axel – Can live

Robert Kirkman himself said that he wanted Axel’s death to be abrupt, that in real life most of us don’t get to go out with a grand speech and magical moment.  While true it doesn’t mean people don’t get the opportunity to have those moments before death.  Axel was on a path of redemption.  A lawless man now in a world without laws and he decides to… be a good guy?  This could have been a much larger story as the readers see Axel atone for his past deeds.  He should die eventually in the book.  But after he was built up enough to have his death matter, “you follow me?”

Douglas Monroe – Should Die

Thank you Douglas, for giving people a taste of what life used to be like.  The Community is a beautiful place and a haven for those who have come this far.  It must be the most difficult job to lead a population in order when surrounded by a world of chaos.  A job made that much tougher not only because of the death of your wife, but also the appearance of a man who you yourself believe to be a better leader.  Douglas tries to do what is right for the community.  Rick tries to do what is right, by any and all means.  Douglas’s death would open up a vacuum of power.  Not only would Rick try for it, he may even feel entitled to it.  However, Rick wouldn’t be alone.  Michonne, Abraham and maybe even Aaron or Andrea could also feel it is their duty and opportunity to become the leader.  Douglas’s death could fracture the survivors like The Walking Dead’s version of Marvel’s Civil War.  But better written.  And with less crossovers.  And Kirkman wouldn’t immediately retcon one of the biggest parts of the story (Spider-Man unmasked) at the conclusion of the story arc!

Philip, The Governor – Should Live

Remember the first time we thought the Governor was dead?  After Michonne revenge tortured him there was no way Philip was coming back.  Yet a couple issues later, there he was.  In a tank.  With an army.  “Business is about to pick up” as Good Ol’ JR would say.  When business picks up so well, why shut it down?  The Governor should be a constant threat in this world.  Every time Rick finds sanctuary, other survivors, hope — there’s the Governor.  Even if Philip is not physically there, the threat of his presence in the world is enough.  Every hero needs a great villain.


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