Smarked for Death – TNA Xplosion 12/17/10.

Time to kill one hour watching 5 minutes of wrestling.  Its time for  TNA’s B show!

Stevie Richards vs. Okada

Stevie and Tommy Dreamer are all that is left of EV2.0.  Okada, to my knowledge, has not wrestled on Impact.  Thus the main question becomes why?  Why is this match taking place and why should anyone care.  Okada wears the iChing on his tights like a freshman anime fan who smoked his first bong.  Okada tries to play to the crowd but with his lack of story or character the guy carrying cotton candy for sale has more crowd reaction.  JB, playing commentator, mentions Stevie’s chances for a TNA title shot.  Okada’s as well.  Because the match is taking place on Xplosion, the opening match of said show at that, neither man has any hopes of a title shot anytime soon.  The match is so exciting, Taz counts in Japanese.  Now Stevie is playing to the crowd.  Nothing against either man’s skills but they’re wrestling like its their first time in front of a crowd and Rocky Maivia (not The Rock) taught them how to connect with the fans.  Richards surprises Okada with a Stevie Kick for the pin.

Sarita vs. Mickie James

Thanks for coming Sarita, but no chance of you defeating the new golden Knockout.  Mickie wrestles in her incredibly tight denim shorts and the cameramen get angles that would never fly in the WWE PG competition.  Both women go for roundhouse kicks and both women connect.  Best move of the show.  Pretty good Knockouts match, but everyone knows its taking place on Xplosion, thus the fans aren’t into the match because nothing of note happens on the B shows.  Mickie’s moves are fluid and she looks the best she has in years.  Sarita is best when she can be herself, but tries to hard to play this character that isn’t connecting for anyone.  Mickie throws a few hooks and jabs at Sarita.  I love watching her wrestle, but I’d rather see her box.  Mmmm.  Arby’s.  Madison Rayne runs out and punches Sartia.  Match is ended on the DQ.  While these two women fight, and no idea why they are fighting, Tara runs out and starts to fight with Mickie James.  Just when Micke ends up on top, mmmm, Madison comes back out to back up Tara.  All four women fight for no reason and Xplosion meets its end.

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