Smarked for Death – WWE Superstars 12/16/10.

Like a yearbook for the next “future endeavors” class, its time for WWE Superstars.

Just because I'm fired, doesn't mean you cant watch my husband on WWE Superstars

JTG vs. Curt Hawkins

Well this is unexpected.  Curt comes out looking like an indie wrestler shooter.  He has solid skills but has never been anything other than a good hand, even when he was one half of the tag team champions.  JTG is a man without a country since the split of Cryme Tyme and the later firing of Shad.  Hawkins counters the Mug Shot, which would be impressive if JTG had enough wins and exposure to make his finisher mean anything.  JTG has “Chea!” airbrushed on his ring gear.  Leave a comment if you can explain “Chea!” at all.  Curt has been impressive in this match.  Not only does he make JTG look good, but Hawkins also knows what to do every moment in the ring.  Never once does he look lost or show the need for a rest hold to come up with the next minute of the match.  On the second attempt, JTG hits the Mug Shot but Curt Hawkins kicks out of it.  JTG then hits his back up finisher, the Shout Out, for the pin.  Why the opening match guy needs two finishers is unknown.

Zack Ryder vs. Darren Young

No one expects a win out of the first guy who wasn’t good enough for Nexus.  WWE should embrace Young’s look and market him as Dark Cena.  If Young learns how to throw a dropkick 6 years into his WWE career, than he’ll be equal with Cena’s move set.  Darren is trying to get the crowd behind him in this match, but all the crowd knows of him is that he was in Nexus.  Not enough to rally crowd support.  Young hits an impressive belly to belly suplex that shows potential for Cena level strength.  Hits a Cena flying shoulder as well.  Young picks up Ryder, for an Attitude Adjustment?  Thankfully not, its a gut buster over the knee.  Just when Young starts to build up some momentum Zack comes back with the Rough Ryder for the pin.  Ryder deserves so much more and could become a mid level talent in 2011.

Drew McIntyre vs. Yoshi Tatsu

A “rare” Raw vs. Smackdown match.  Also rare, Tatsu in the win column.  Yoshi has been largely forgotten by WWE Creative while Drew held the Intercontinental and tag team titles in 2010.  No real expectations for Tatsu in this match.  Match is brought to a dramatic pause after Yoshi kicks Drew in the leg with enough force to stop a lesser man.  The crowd suddenly wakes up and cheers on Yoshi.  Drew is making Tatsu look very good in this match.  This could be a PPV mid card title match.  The quality is surprising and a treat.  Scott Stanford says Punk was nicer when he had long hair and Punk asks if he is a “friendly Sampson”.  Punk may seem like an asshole, but he’s a knowledgeable funny asshole.  “All eyes in Japan are on Yoshi Tatsu.”  Somehow I doubt this.  Not nearly enough tentacles in WWE.  Drew hits a violent DDT on Tatsu’s arm and everyone is stunned the match didn’t end there.  Yoshi hits a heel kick and Drew evades the loss by grabbing the bottom rope.  This may be the best Yoshi has ever looked.  Drew might join that short list of people who can have a good  match with anyone.  Drew hits the Future Shock DDT and gets the well deserved pin.  Amazing match.

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