AOTS Fantasy Casting – Alison Haislip.

This was intended to be a series of columns in order to kick off the new AOTS.  However, the casting didn’t come that easy and perfect other than the picks for Ms Haislip.  With the exception of Morgan Webb as the Wasp (Tiny Morgan!) I couldn’t think of other matches.  Not wanting to waste a good blog though, I present the Alison Haislip casting.

Already a movie star, Alison brings so much more than acting prowess.  Confidence to hold her own next to any costar.  A ravenous fanbase that will support anything she does with their words and wallets.  Finally the athletic ability to look, well, marvelous in any action scene (have you seen her on the Ninja Warrior course?!).  The New Jersey native grew up in the shadow of the Marvel Universe, and is thus the perfect choice to play any of these characters in the Marvel Movie Universe.


Starting out with the most melodious of Marvel’s mutants, Dazzler has the power to convert sonic vibrations into light.  That light can be used to create images, pulses, or concussive blasts.  What better image could be created than Ms. Haislip performing the hit single featured in a new X-Men movie while wearing her super outfit which shows off her super image and all around her flashes of her own mutant brilliance explode to bathe her in light.  If anyone doubts her musical talents look at her skins in the above picture.  Oh, the drums too.


Blink’s history is complicated, but all that you need to know is she’s confident, beautiful, a fan favorite and she can teleport herself, others or objects.  Alison has been teleporting herself all over the globe for G4.  Whether she’s in her current home of California, with her family in Jersey, being seduced by Russel Brand in England or scaling Mount Midoriyama in Japan, Alison could use these powers to save time traveling.  But knowing her she would only take this extra time and put it into a new project, like a live action Exiles movie!  And in case you didn’t realize, Haislip is also confident, beautiful and a fan favorite.


Thor Girl

Yes, a surprising pick.  Thor Girl is a young woman who is destined to be one of the most powerful women in the universe.  Much like Alison will one day be one of the most popular entertainers.  Alison and Thor actor Chris Hemsworth are already friends, and it would be mighty Marvel magic to see them share the screen together.   Plus, guys like strong sexy women and the image of Alison swinging a mystical hammer could become iconic.



Speaking of mighty Marvel magic, the sister of Colossus has all corners of fantasy locked down for a big budget spectacle starring Alison Haislip.  Magik connects the worlds of the X-Men, magic, hell and swords and sorcery.  If the thought of Alison swinging a hammer made you hot, then imagine her skill with a sword, while dressed like this:

Well, thankfully our own Jersey Devil doesn’t have legs like that.  Nor does she dress like that… most of the time.

While Magik may have a confusing story, and much that doesn’t make sense, have no fear!  Alison had to watch Heroes while working at G4.  She knows all about superhero stories that don’t make sense.



While the image of Alison peeling off her skin may not be a sexy one, Husk and Haislip are both strong underrated women.  Capable of removing that outward appearance and adapting to any environment, neither woman can be backed into a corner.  While Husk can lose her epidermis to become steel or freaking wood to stake vampires with!  Alison can be funny or serious, the brain or the blonde.  Not one of these traits is fake.  She has more to offer than just a pretty face.  A face that one day will be seen in movie lobbies across the country advertising her role as the next woman of Marvel.


  1. What the hell is with that picture of alison under thor girl?i think alison haislip is hot but in that picture she looks completely different. kinda unattractive, worst picture of her I’ve seen.

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