Predicting the 40 Superstars Royal Rumble.

We can assume that the world champions and their opponents aren’t in the Rumble match.  So who does that leave?


Starting with the Raw roster:

1. Daniel Bryan

2. Santino Marella

3. Vladimir Kozlov

4. CM Punk

5. Darren Young

6. DH Smith

7. David Otunga

8. Heath Slater

9. Justin Gabriel

10. Jey Uso

11. Jimmy Uso

12. John Cena

13. John Morrison

14. Mark Henry

15. Michael McGillicutty

16. Primo

17. R-Truth

18. Sheamus

19. Ted DiBiase

20. Tyson Kidd

21. Yoshi Tatsu

22. Zack Ryder


This is the entire Raw roster, removing those who are injured or healed and yet to return.


23. Kofi Kingston

24. Alberto Del Rio

25. Big Show

26. Chavo Guerrero

27 Chris Masters

28 Cody Rhodes

29 Curt Hawkins

30 Drew McIntyre

31 Ezekiel Jackson

32 Jack Swagger

33 JTG

34 Kane

35 Rey Mysterio

36 Trent Barretta

37 Tyler Reks

38 Wade Barrett


This leaves space for two surprise entrants in the Rumble.  At least.  Chances are some of these people (Masters) will not be in the match leaving open more spots for surprises, returns or debuts.

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