Rome Don’t Stop Episode 22 – Cake Edition!

Pictures of much much shitty looking but delicious food.  We’ll start today with this coil of cake.


If the cake sits out for a week it will turn white and chalky.

Last year’s Super Bowl brought the dreaded cupcake cakes in full force.

Is that frosting or cheese whiz?  Only the brave and stupid know for sure.


We all know that rabbits don’t have to wear glasses because they eat so many carrots,  but have you ever seen a carrot wearing eyeglasses?

Well you have now.



And the day finishes off with this delectable cake that surprised me on my birthday.  Only two cupcakes and mounds upon mounds of frosting to connect them into some vaguely giraffe looking creature.

Enjoy this week’s cakes!  All found within the Rome/Utica area.

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