CM Punk PWNS Film Fans.

Earlier today, WWE Superstar CM Punk posted this on his Twitter page:

Safe to say that ‘London After Midnight’ is the greatest movie I can never see.

For those of you that don’t know, London After Midnight is lost silent film from 1927, starring Lon Chaney.  It is the most famous of all lost films.  The last known copy burned up in 1967.  And yet, the geniuses on Twitter insist…

“@_Rheea: @CMPunk me too luv that movie by the way you are awesome .. lol”. You’ve seen it? El oh el.

The people tweeting me that they’ve seen ‘London After Midnight’, you’re all bad liars. Also incredibly stupid. Google it, dumdums.


Unless you are near 100 years old AND follow CM Punk on Twitter, you have not seen this movie.  End of story.  Punk just owned your ass.

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