Top 5 Fan Reactions in Wrestling. POPS!

Yeah.  We all know what’s going to  be number one.  But lets pretend and enjoy the list.  This is the top 5 fan reactions in professional wrestling.

5.  Raven returns to ECW

On the first episode of ECW on TNN, ECW’s tag team titles fell into a dangerous spot.  The Dudley Boyz had just won the titles for the 8th time on their last night with the company.  In a federation where titles actually meant something the thought that the tag team titles might be thrown away or disrespected by a team on their way out.  Even a team that loves and enjoys wrestling as much as the Dudleys.  However, before the new and departing champions could leave the building — the Hammerstein Ballroom, the Madhouse of Extreme — the heart of ECW steps forward to save the legacy of the brand.  Tommy Dreamer fought the Dudleys for the ECW tag team titles.  And he was a nation unto himself.  No one came forward to help Dreamer against one of the most dangerous teams of all time.  When all seems darkest, Tommy’s greatest rival returns to ECW.  Raven had shockingly left WCW and not only returned to the land of Extreme, but returned to save his most hated enemy.  As if Lex Luthor saved Superman from Doomsday, Raven not only saves Dreamer, but the two men won the tag titles.  Raven’s sudden and dramatic return to ECW lit up the crowd.  Passion and love for the business won over money and the fans loved Raven for it.


4.  The Tribe of Extreme reforms in Atlanta.

The WCW invasion of WWE was going strong, but something was missing.  The story wasn’t igniting the wrestling world like everyone had hoped.  When Raw was live from Atlanta, the former home of WCW, the night should have been focused on WCW.  But something unexpected happened.  Chris Jericho and Kane, of WWE were facing Lance Storm and Mike Awesome, of WCW.  The WWE team looked to have the match won when two men without a country, Tommy Dreamer and Rob Van Dam, come through the crowd and attack the WWE guys.  It was a four on one assault as Storm and Awesome didn’t question the motives of these invaders but instead accept the gift and unite.  Fellow WWE wrestlers come to the rescue of their coworkers.  Wrestlers like Raven, Rhino, the Dudley Boys, Tazz and Justin Credible run down to hold off this new formed Alliance.  As the realization formed in one fan’s mind the knowledge spread like an infection and as  one the entire crowd reaches the new knowledge.  All of these WWE wrestlers were in ECW together.  Then, again as one, the WWE wrestlers turn and join their former running mates.  The crowd, far removed from Philadelphia, erupts as ECW is reborn.  (Back when that phrase meant something.)


3.  Triple H returns.

In May of 2001 Triple H and Steve Austin were facing Chris Jericho and He Who Shall Not Be Named for the WWE tag team titles.  Triple H was injured in this match, tearing his quadriceps from the bone.  It was very much in doubt whether Hunter could ever return to action.  HHH returned in January of the next year at Madison Square Garden.  In wrestling’s version of not knowing how much you loved someone until they were gone, Hunter received a hero’s welcome.  The right man at the right arena in the right city.  A combination of events that may never happen again.


2. The Rock vs. Hollywood Hulk Hogan at WrestleMania X8 in Toronto.

The two biggest, most iconic men in wrestling history faced off in a match no one thought they would ever see.  The match turned Hogan face after years of being the most hated man in wrestling.  While Hogan himself was the only one who could kill Hulkamania, the fans were the only ones who could truly bring it back.  Hulk is the only man who could dare be mentioned at the same level as the Rock.  From the moment the Rock walks out into an arena he owns the attention of every person in that building.  These two icons milked the crowd for all they had and then went on to have one of the most memorable matches in history.


1.  The Rock returns to WWE (and Monday Night Raw).

After a 7 year absence the most electrifying man in all of entertainment returns home.  Kept fairly secret from all, the reactions of fans were genuine.  Not just fans in the building, but worldwide.  And its only just beginning.

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