Top Ten “Unknown” YouTubers.

One of the problems of geek culture is surrounding yourself with like minded individuals.  Just because you and your friends love something doesn’t mean that anyone else is even aware of it (hello Patton).  This realization struck me when the Hellions were discussing some amazing and creative people and the ancillary characters had no idea who we were talking about.  Thus this list of amazing people on YouTube that you should subscribe to today.  Funny, geeky, sexy or violent.  Sometimes all in one.  These are people who deserve more credit and more notice.


10. lethalblonde0911

Stunt fighter, artist, and lately pole dancer.  Her Harry Potter pole dancing routine blew up the internets (and a couple wands) last week.  But that isn’t the whole story.  She also absolutely kicks ass.  Erika is lethal — as all strong smart and sexy women are.  Love and fear her from a safe distance.

9. jborash

Yes, that Jeremy Borash.  TNA’s jack of all trades also has one of the most entertaining YouTube channels out there.  On the road for near 300 days every year and traveling with everyone from minimum wage workers to multi millionaires, JB has ample opportunity for humor in every day.  Frequently short videos filmed on an iPhone, they show the lighter side of pro wrestling.


8. CasaDeCucaracha

Oh.  Oh God.  There’s no way to describe this site.  I have to try though.  Live action Family Guy random pop culture scenes featuring Stewie and then taken to a pay cable extreme.  “I’m a YouTube planet.”


7.  ninjaasylum

Lot of older videos on here but the latest focus is on Bouchedags.  Bouche is a sketch comedy show in which viewers write in their questions and the NA crew answer in hilarious form.  They’ve received massive attention for their 300 parody but the newest work is far funnier.  Also, a requisite cinnamon video.


6. whoiseyevan

The same motherfucker makes the Premakes and the Marvel Zombies cartoons?!!!  How can you not be loving on his work?  Without a doubt some of the most creative and loving videos in all the geek universe.  Unreal quality.


5.  jambedavdar

Don’t click on these videos unless you’re prepared to lose your entire weekend.  Fan made Star Wars documentaries using the original movies mashed up with classic and forgotten interviews and facts.  These are better than any official Lucasfilm docs.  Within minutes you will discover information  that no matter how much you think you know Star Wars, you’ve never known these.  Original trilogy is up there along with so very much more.


4.  TheVariants

The greatest comic book sitcom of all time!  The Variants takes the work place comedy formula and throws it into the local comic shop.  If you have ever spent time in a comic shop every single one of the show’s characters will remind you of someone from your LCS, if not yourself.  Season 2 coming soon.


3.  Shyaporn

Yes, that is his real name.  And yes he does deserve more attention.  From his brilliant Godzilla videos to the most creative music videos online today.  Shyaporn has been noticed for his “in… seconds” series parodying popular movies.  But he’s not just a one note star.  He hits every note, every time.


2.  TheSuicidalDragon

Whether its quick awesome wrestling clips or the lovingly created top 10 moves videos, Suicidal Dragon is the king of wrestler tributes.  Be prepared to see some of the greatest wrestling on the planet, and to waste the rest of the day finding more matches from these incredible athletes.


1.  UnfamousChris

Did you really expect anyone else?  UnfamousChris goes way too far way too often.  However, he keeps coming up with new characters, ideas, and concepts.  Always original, even in parody.  Chris is also creating a YouTube community, raising the status and the game of not only himself but everyone else in the UnFamily.

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