Smarked for Death – WWE Superstars 4/21/11.

This show still exists?  Oh its now one of the WWE online shows.  Its funny that WWE doesn’t want to push Zack Ryder because he’s only popular on YouTube and yet here is the second WWE weekly show that’s on that same site.  Anyways, off to the action.

Tyler Reks vs. JTG

Reks should be pushed more.  Great size, great look and fairly good talent.  JTG needs to be completely repackaged.  Fingers crossed for WWE signing Jay Lethal.  Average lock up and beginning to the match.  Tyler has knocked down Big Show, which one would think would mean enough to not be stuck wrestling on Superstars.  Tyler catches JTG making a mistake.  Reks capitalizes with two big power moves and then… a rest hold.  One more power move and Tyler starts to work a different part of JTG’s body.  There is a lack of story in this match.  Also, do Reks’s trunks have rivets?  Jack the announcers asks how the Superstars are adjusting to being in England and not sleeping in their own beds.  Jack, I hate to tell you but these guys probably sleep at home only 1-2 nights a week.  Reks catches JTG in the corner and is about to attempt some sort of slam.  JTG reverses it into a move that could almost be called a DDT but without the same level of impact.  Reks shoves JTG into the turnbuckle and that’s enough to take the wind out of JTG setting Tyler up for the Burning Hammer.  Tyler Reks gets the win and it was a pretty good showing.

Maryse vs. Natalya

Scott Stanford calls the two Divas former Divas champions like that term means something.  Natalya shows more wrestling talent in the first minute than Maryse has shown in her entire career.  Josh Matthews says Natalya’s shoulders are pinned down while she is applying the surfboard.  I say if you’re the one on offense your shoulders shouldn’t be counted.  But, I know, logic and wrestling don’t mix.  Natalya powers out of a chin lock and shows she’s one of the few Divas that’s more than a pretty face.  She continues to show off her strength with a discus clothesline and a huge power slam.  Somehow Maryse keeps kicking out of these moves.  Maryse suckers Natalya in and face plants her into the turnbuckle.  One hair flip DDT later and Maryse picks up the pin.  Maryse “picks up more momentum”.  Momentum towards what?  WWE only focuses on two women at one time.  Take a number.

Ted DiBiase vs. Mark Henry

Apparently Ted had some problem with his foot lately.  I have no idea what they’re talking about.  Maybe I need to watch the most recent season of NXT in order.  Mark as usual over powers his opponent.  Lets see if Ted can figure out a way to combat this.  Mark goes for a sit down squash on DiBiase.  Either Ted isn’t quick enough to roll out of the way, or Henry cant leap that high anymore.  Either way, Mark sits down to the side, giving Ted extra room to roll out of the way.  Strange way to do that spot.  Scott keeps talking about Michael Cole’s toe as well.  Again, a reference I’m not getting but as its about Cole I do not care.  DiBiase works over Mark’s leg.  Its a strategy that has worked for over 10 years by Henry’s foes.  Henry starts to build up momentum but due to Ted working on his knee he runs like a fat kid with a limp in gym class.  Bad knees aside, its not enough to stop the big guy.  Mark Henry catches DiBiase coming off the top rope and hits a World’s Strongest Slam for the pin.

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