Most Fun Comics I.

If there’s any of you who are not aware of this fact, I love comic books.  There is a room in our tiny apartment dedicated to my collection of geek.  Even in the living room, which my loving fiance is trying with all her might to have an adult mature room, the comics have seeped in.  Small things so far, like the Venom pen that guards the desk.  Point being, this is an enormous part of my life.

However there is a shocking thing that happens when a fan tries to read as much as possible and also blog.  The fan becomes snarky.  Things start to suck and all I want to do is bitch about them.  Well what the hell is the point in that?  Over at the Smarked for Death wrestling review blog I will complain about things, but there is praise as well.  This is different though because the shows need to be taken as a whole.  Good and bad must be reviewed together.  Each story is a seperate 20-30 pages in the comics though, and then its time for the next issue in the stack.  I want to show you a love of comics.

If one or one hundred people read this column and it causes them to pick up one comic because of the good things I say about it, then I’ll feel accomplished.  This is just the introduction, please come back as often as I write this up and enjoy comics with me.  I’ll be reading new and classic, big and little titles, singles and collections, everything in the comics world.

Look around the site for all the comics goodness.

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