Smarked for Death – WWE Smackdown 5/27/11.

Its time to see if Christian gets pushed further down the ladder.   Its time for Smackdown!

Randy Orton comes down to the ring to talk about his victory at the Over the Limit PPV.  Your announcers tonight are Booker T, Josh Matthews and Michael Cole.  The Cole mine is absent and Michael is sitting with the rest of the announcers.  Hopefully this means that the long national nightmare of a story arc is over.  Before Randy can say anything about how great he believes himself to be, Christian comes out to try to get yet another rematch.  Both men show each other respect but just a Thin Mint away is the underlying tension between them over the World title.  Smackdown continues to build up their all new all different main event roster when both Sheamus and Mark Henry try to be the next to stand across Orton in a title match.  Teddy Long comes out and makes the main event, coincidentally featuring the men that are in the ring right now.

Sin Cara vs. Chavo Guerrero

This match is taking place because Chavo was embarrassed after his loss to Sin Cara at the PPV.  Chavo should be happy he had a PPV match.  Guerrero works over Sin’s arm and before I can type it Booker says it would make much more sense for Chavo to work over the legs.  Agreed.  Then Sin wouldn’t have been able to hit the moonsault to the outside that he just did.  Sin Cara is very good with leaping from different angles and taking Chavo down with variations of head scissors.  It looked like Sin Cara spun around Chavo’s body and then took him down with an arm bar but the announcers are calling it a DDT variation.  Either way, its the move Sin Cara uses to get the pin.

Cody Rhodes and the bag handlers hand out disguises.

Cody Rhodes vs. Daniel Bryan

Years later, and Cole is still on Bryan’s ass about his life choices.  How dare he not own a TV, or be a vegetarian, blah blah other crap like that.  This is an excellent match that doesn’t need any gimmicks to it.  Just two guys who can go out there and wrestle a great match.  Cody uses his mask as a weapon but Bryan fights his way out and bounces Cody all over the ring for some near falls.  Bryan runs up the ropes, Cody follows, Daniel flips off, Cody continues and springs off the ropes with a kick to Bryan’s head.  Great spot.  Cody goes for the Cross Rhodes and everyone thinks this is over.  Everyone except for Daniel Bryan, who turns with the finisher attempt and locks on the Labell Lock.  To everyone’s shock, Cody almost immediately taps out to the finisher.  Rhodes attacks Daniel after the match and tops it off with the paper bag.

Ezekiel Jackson vs. Heath Slater

Jackson gives Heath a beating and at times it gets so bad that the referee debates on disqualifying the muscle man.  Slater gets Zeke down to his knees and tries to wear Jackson down with a headlock.  Its enough to muddy up Ezekiel’s head and Heath gets a few moves in that stun the new giant.  But the big Zeke shakes off the dust and adds to his collection of slams.  Zeke is about to make Heath tap out to the torture rack when the other two members of the Corre comes out and the match ends with a DQ.  Ezekiel fights off all three men, and the Corre retreats in fear.

Matt Striker interviews Christian about tonight’s main event.  I’ll predict that Shamus and Mark Henry get interviewed later as well.

The Great Khali vs. Kane

Someone decided to call this the “Monsters Brawl”.  I think it was Forrest J Ackerman.  Its strange seeing Kane work as the smaller guy in a match.  Khali takes longer to deliver his chops than the third shift Denny’s cook who just ran out of Shake N Bake.  Kane ends up winning the match with his signature clothesline.  Has Kane ever, ever won a match with that?  Its usually a set up move for a dramatic two count kick out.  Although, there was probably no choke slamming Khali.  Jinder Mahal (and I realize I’m probably spelling that wrong) comes out to, literally, slap some sense into Khali.  Runjin thinks the creature from the top of the beanstalk has his back but Khali squeezes Singh’s head with the vice grip and leaves with Jinder.  A focused, angry Great Khali will be a dangerous Khali.  Never thought I’d say it about the untalented freak of nature, but this could be an interesting story.

Booker has the fans chant “kiss my feet” to Cole and Matt Striker interviews Sheamus.  Its the weekly all talk segment!

Alicia Fox and Tamina vs. AJ and Kaitlyn (with Natalya)

The story here is that Natalya is mentoring the new Divas who haven’t been seen since NXT season 3.  Also, wasn’t Tamina a face?  Guess that was only by proxy of being with Santino.  The more experienced Divas prove to be too much for the Rookies and Alicia hits an axe kick on Kaitlyn for the pin.  The Rookies did well for the time they had though.

And the hat trick is completed when Matt Striker interviews Mark Henry.

Sheamus vs. Mark Henry vs. Christian.  #1 Contender match.

The size difference between Henry and Christian is so wide that Mark looks that much stronger for every bump Christian takes.  Sheamus attempts a pin after every move.  Christian hits a Killswitch on Sheamus but Mark breaks it up.  Orton decides to come down to watch the match.  The match becomes the usual three way booking.  One guy gets knocked down and/or knocked to the outside while the other two battle it out in the ring.  Mark Henry pushes Orton, Christian hits the Spear on Sheamus.  The referee notices neither thing happening.  But he does see Orton enter the ring to hit Henry with an RKO.  The distraction gives Sheamus time to recover from Christian’s new finisher.  Sheamus hits a Brogue kick and picks up the pin on Christian.

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