Smarked for Death – WWE Tough Enough Finale.

It looks like its finally time to see who was born a champion.


The episode starts with… Well technically it starts with 5 minutes of review.  Now that the show officially starts we get a look at Andy’s home life.  He trains while his pregnant wife coaches him.  Its a very Rocky in Russia type of training.  Andy will be taking on Vladimir Kozlov later in the episode.  Andy has framed WWE collectibles scattered throughout his house.  Much like most married men with two children.

Some editor decided to make it over obvious that Andy and Luke’s lives are night and day apart.  Luke is shown partying on a boat full of alcohol.  The only thing missing is a slasher killer taking out everyone that’s had sex.  So, all of them.  Luke shows off his caveman workout and that finally explains the brow line.  He wishes his mother goodbye and its nice to see all the money spent on acting lessons going to good use.  Seriously, the exchange between mom and son is less believable than the Joe Schmo Show.

Andy and Luke show up at FCW Arena and come face to face with Ricky the Dragon Steamboat.  The two finalists get to train for one week at FCW with all of their trainers.  At the end of the week, they get to have a match against Bill DeMott in front of a live crowd.  Bill informs the contestants that the next time they see him, it will be in the ring.  Um, Bill, you’re in the ring now.  Steamboat has the guys bounce around the ring to judge their skills.  It is impressive to see how far both men have come from their first day on the show.  I might go so far as to say WWE will see more out of the men and women they found for this season than any other incarnation of Tough Enough.

WWE pads the show with live scenes from Raw, where the winner will be announced in front of the crowd.

Luke and Andy are backstage at FCW the night of their matches.  Both men talk about how much this opportunity means to them.  Live at Raw, Michael Cole and Jerry Lawler ignore the match in the ring and give their opinions on Stone Cold’s decision.

Bill DeMott is already in the ring, but the editing makes it look like both Andy and Luke are in the ring at the same time.  Instead of seeing the actual matches we get a video music montage of both matches.  While I did enjoy the show, this only cements the fact that it is a reality show first and a wrestling show second.

Back in the locker room, Bill and Booker T visit their rookies to congratulate their work in the ring.  This episode has maybe 15 minutes of content stretched to an hour.

Finally, we are live at Raw for the dramatic reveal of who wins this season of Tough Enough.  The trainers come to the ring, then all of the eliminated rookies walk down.  For some reason they all come out to the Superstars TV show theme.  Stone Cold comes out last and starts talking to continue to fill TV time.  The trainers pick who they think should win.  Bill shocks everyone by saying Andy has it over Luke.  Trish and Booker also both pick Andy.  Not that any of this means Andy is a lock to win, but for someone who looked to end at number 5 at best  his evolution has been one of the biggest surprises in wrestling.  I’m starting to think that Luke’s cockiness is becoming his downfall.  If Luke doesn’t beat down Andy tonight I’ll be very disappointed.  Wrestling needs engaging characters, and Luke is a natural villain.

Why the fuck are we seeing a limo pull up to the arena during this moment?  Is Raw having technical difficulties again this week?  Oh, its Vince McMahon.  Well this just got more interesting.

Mr. McMahon makes his way to the ring.  While the show took a commercial break, all of the eliminated contestants and the trainers have left the ring. Its just Vince, Stone Cold, and two men who are about to have their lives changed.  Vince struggles to name legends that aren’t under contract with TNA.  Mr. McMahon scares the crap out of both men, but they do all that they can to hang with their future boss.  Vince and Austin argue over who gets to pick the winner.  Stone Cold waits for a drum roll and milks the drama for all that he can.   Andy wins Tough Enough!

Luke looks like he’s about to break Stone Cold’s neck and I’m sure its not the last time he’s seen.  Mr. McMahon welcomes Andy to WWE and then slaps him down on his ass.  Austin helps Andy up and drops him yet again with a Stone Cold Stunner.  Well, at least we know they’re not going to make it easy for the kid.

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