Smarked for Death – WWE Smackdown 6/10/11.

International airings are the best!  Its Friday afternoon and I’m watching Smackdown 12 hours before the rest of you!  Spoilers inside, unless you’re reading this after 10PM.


Tonight’s show starts with Christian in the ring.  The crowd is already booing him.  Are the members of the WWE Universe that in love with Randy Orton?  Boo!  We hate the guy who we’ve loved for over a decade because he wants to win a title back!  Boo!  Please.  Any one of these fans would give up their remaining teeth for just a sniff at ten pounds of gold.    Christian says he’s done with his Peeps.  That might be for the  best.  Much like how Chris Jericho escaped the Y2J persona and reinvented himself, this could be Christian’s evolution.  Christian calls Michael Cole into the ring and continues to make his point.  Its a good point.  How can the same people who were screaming the loudest about Christian getting screwed over are the same people booing the loudest now?  Its an excellent point and it shows two things, how fickle the wrestling audience can be; and how great Christian can be on either side of the eternal battle.  Christian gets Cole to play yes man to his rants, and then makes Michael his Muppet.  Once Christian decides he’s no longer talking to his now former Peeps, Michael Cole gets the job of addressing the crowd for Christian.  Its childish and immature, and a perfect thing for a heel to do.

Ezekiel Jackson and The Usos vs. The Corre

Heath and Justin have established themselves as stars over the last year.  The Usos, however, are dangerously out of place in this match.  This is a logical wrestling booking conundrum.  On the one hand, the Usos are far lower on the ladder of success than any other man in the match and thus one of them should take the pin.  On the other hand, their teammate has a title match in a week and thus needs to look strong going into the PPV.  Its a tough call to predict.  The Usos show flashes of brilliance but they are still young and inexperienced.  Every time they’re in the ring it feels like they don’t care if they win or lose, they’re just happy to be there.  All three Corre members have been in the ring against an Uso and its time for Wade to bounce around the islander of his choice.  Whichever Uso is in the ring gets the hot tag to Jackson, and Wade immediately bails out of the ring and gets as far away as possible.  There is arguing within the Corre, but it matters not as Barrett walks even further away.  The Usos hit double superkicks on Heath while Zeke lines up the body slams and then serves up a torture rack on Gabriel for the win.

Teddy Long phones in his money for the pony races.  Sheamus comes in wanting revenge on Christian due to the events of last week.  Sheamus says he isn’t asking, he’s telling.  Well he isn’t being original either.  Peanut Head makes a worthy main event for the show, not what Sheamus wanted, but it’ll do.

Justin and Heath tell Wade that the Corre is over.  With the rumors of CM Punk’s departure, could there be a New New Nexus or a New Corre first?

Jinder Mahal (with the Great Khali) vs. Trent Barretta

Well it looks like Trent wont be having a good wrestling match on Superstars this week.  Jinder hits a couple of moves, Trent fights back and actually looks like he could have gotten a win until Khali distracts him.  The referee yells at Khali like he’s a dog that pissed on the carpet.  Mahal hits a side suplex/Rock Bottom variation for the pin.  This was a nothing match. I was more impressed with Trent than Jinder.

A bunch of Divas who are lacking the air time necessary for any one to care about them, exchange nasty words back stage.

AJ (with Natalya) vs. Tamina (with Rosa Mendes)

While AJ is a geeky darling and Natalya can wrestle anyone and bring out the best in them, the other two Divas bring nothing to the canvas.  AJ fights out of Tamina’s power (no clue what the hell she was going for) and rolls up Tamina for the pin.  I just realized that AJ’s theme song is totally J-Pop based.  Yeah, this girl is going to be huge with the IWC.

Randy Orton comes out to talk and the fans are getting more and more pissed off after sitting through yet another talking segment.  Christian is in the parking lot, possibly in front of Orton’s bus.  While I’m all for making things dramatic, this banter has gone on for way too long.  With only 9 days before a show, and no main event made, obviously the end of this exchange will be the set up of a PPV match.  So why did I just watch 10 minutes of arguing until that point was made?  Waste of time.

Ted DiBiase (with Cody Rhodes and the bag handlers) vs. Sin Cara

The lights go low and WWE’s newest superhero works like a superhero film.  Turn down the lights, have a fight in darkness, and the darkness helps to mask any mistakes.  See Act 3 of most comic book movies.  Ted cant handle Sin’s offense at all in this match and its about to be over.  Sin Cara bounces up to the ropes but before he can do anything, Cody pulls him down in full view of the referee.  The referee calls for the disqualification and Sin Cara gets attacked by what was formerly known as Priceless.  Daniel Bryan comes out for the save and Teddy Long comes out to give the bored audience something other than talking.

Ted DiBiase and Cody Rhodes vs. Sin Cara and Daniel Bryan

Daniel Bryan does not deserve special lighting for his matches, so we have crystal clear viewing for this match.  Cody keeps Sin Cara occupied until SC spots an opportunity to knock Cody on his ass.  Bryan gets the hot tag, but no one is really into the match so its more of a luke warm tag.  Ted is about to fiinish off Bryan but Daniel twists it into a Labell Lock.  Bryan gets the biggest cheer of the night for this move and Ted cant fight off the force of a damgerous submission move and the active excitement of the WWE Universe.  DiBiase taps out but this still doesn’t feel like the end.

Sheamus vs. Randy Orton (World Champion)

Its a back and forth match until Orton hits a dropkick and starts to grab his knee.  Whether this is a legit knee injury or not, its definitely about to be the focus of Christian’s attacks leading up to the show.  Sheamus and Orton cancel each other out and neither man can get anything strong or vicious enough to take permanent control of the bout.  Sheamus goes for a big kick but gets trapped in the ropes.  Randy picks up a kendo stick and beats the holy hell out of Sheamus.  Its followed up with the hesitation DDT and Orton looks to have this match won.  Christian sneaks in and tries to hit the Killswitch but Randy fights it off.  Sheamus thinks he’s got Orton’s number but Randy fights off the pin attempt too.  Randy ducks a Brogue kick and answers with an RKO.  He has this match won, but Christian comes in and knocks Randy out with the world title.  Sheamsu comes to and crawls over to Orton for the pin.

Christian stands over Randy Orton with what will hopefully be his title once again.

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