Smarked for Death – WWE Smackdown 6/17/11.

Its the countdown to concussion show!  Lets see if Randy Orton gets medically cleared to wrestle or if Smackdown (two days before Capitol Punishment! But taped 5 days before!) comes up with a nice story arc to explain the injury.


Excellent video package of Christian and Randy Orton’s feud over the world title.  I really think this is one of those angles that people are going to love when they look back on it.

Randy Orton comes out and cuts a promo on Christian and the PPV.  Orton also says he doesn’t care about his medical well being and he’s ready to go tonight.  The Mac Militant comes out and he is militant about not letting the slightly concussed Viper wrestle this evening.  Christian comes out and in case you forgot he’s a heel now, he wants Randy to wrestle, traumatic head injury or not.  Sheamus comes out to remind us all that he should be in this title hunt as well.  Teddy Long agrees and makes tonight’s main event.

Sin Cara, Daniel Bryan and Ezekiel Jackson vs. Wade Barrett (Intercontinental champion), Cody Rhodes and Ted DiBiase

Ohh, its a Sin Cara match!  I hope the ring is bathed in blue light!  Cody’s bag handlers hand out the paper bags.  One day they should have it be indy wrestlers that beat someone up.  The match starts with Big Zeke bouncing Ted around the ring.  Sin Cara is in next and he must have left his blue gels at home.  Cody springs off the ropes better than Sin Cara and lands a springboard kick that should have ended the match.  Wade and Ted take their turns beating the rapidly falling new Superstar.  It seems a little early in Sin Cara’s WWE career for him to be the one who takes the beating to build up the hot tag.  Daniel Bryan gets the hot tag and runs through his signature flips, clotheslines and kicks.  He is a spectacular wrestler but there’s only a few people that are able to run with him.  Bryan gets a big kick on Ted and… that’s it?!  The match is over and its to the shock of everyone.  Fair match but the ending looked rushed.

Matt Striker interviews Sheamus.  Stay tuned for similar segments featuring Christian and Randy Orton.

Back from commercial and the referee made a mistake!  Ted did kick out but the referee didn’t catch it.  That’s surprising.  Rematch next week?

Vladimir Kozlov vs. Jinder Mahal (with the Great Khali)

This is probably Jinder’s best match to date.  Its a squash match but I’m seeing more talent out of Mahal than anything previously.  Khali uses his height to advantage and sneaks in a big chop on Vlad.  Jinder hits whatever his finisher is just to confirm the win.  Booker T says Kozlov is one of the strongest men on Smackdown.  Which is sad, because he’s a Raw guy.

Big Show comes out to be interviewed about his feud with Alberto Del Rio.  Show says that even though he’s a Raw wrestler he’s at Smackdown because he heard Del Rio would be there.  Del Rio is also a Raw wrestler, so none of this makes sense.  Show is so mad he cant even talk.  Teddy Long comes out and says Show cant touch Del Rio tonight.  Teddy announces Show’s opponent and its the usual mystery opponent.

Big Show vs. Mark Henry

Show jumps the gun and attacks Henry.  Wow, he is beating the ever lovin shit out of Mark Henry.  Show knocks out Mark before the match even begins.  While Mark Henry doesn’t have the greatest win loss record I’ve never seen him destroyed like this.  Nasty beating.

Alicia Fox, Rosa Mendes and Tamina vs. Natalya, AJ, and Kaitlyn

Its another chapter in the only Diva feud going in all of WWE today.  At least it gets more than two Divas involved in something.  Kaitlyn doesn’t know how to prevent a tag and Natalya has to come in to show how its done.  Natalya blocks Tamina’s boot and turns it into a sharp shooter.  Her heel partners break it up, all the Divas fight and its Tamina and AJ in the ring.  AJ tries to take Tamina over but she’s lacking in the strength department.  Tamina slams AJ down and picks up the pin.  Rosa gets in the ring to celebrate and this is her only time in the ring.

Johnny Curtis does yet another weird promo.   Its almost like Zack Ryder’s YouTube but not as well written.

Heath Slater and Justin Gabriel vs. The Usos

The story is seeing what the former members of the Corre can do on their own.  Together.  These two are multi time tag team champions so even outside the Nexus or the Corre they should be equally as successful.  Heath gets caught coming off the top and Jimmy Uso turns it into a powerslam.  The Usos take control and its the best they’ve looked in… forever.  One of the Usos comes off the top with a splash on Justin and they actually get the pin!  This will be a very interesting next few weeks for the Usos.

Alberto Del Rio comes out and says that the rumor is he’s trying to return to Smackdown so he can avoid the Big Show.  Even if that were true, Show is there tonight.  I don’t think there’s any real way to avoid someone in WWE.  Del Rio talks too long for this to matter anymore and the Big Show comes out.  Show runs into the ring with such force he breaks the bottom rope off of the buckles.  Del Rio runs away and after seeing that monster coming down I don’t think anyone blames him.  Show destroys the announce table but doesn’t stop there.  He breaks up the barrier wall and not since the first appearance of Nexus has a WWE ring seen so much carnage.

Christian vs. Sheamus. If Sheamus wins the PPV main event becomes a triple threat match.  Randy Orton sits at ringside.

The announcers call the match as well as they can without a table.  Sheamus plays the heel in this match.  Even though Christian has only recently joined the dark side, he is the much smaller man in this match and it makes sense for him to play the face role.  Sheamus and Chrisitan put on a hell of a match and this three way feud is elevating the world title as a must have championship.  Christian tries all of his usual moves, and even some new heel ones to try to keep Sheamus down but to no avail.  Christian goes for the Spear but Sheamus catches him with a huge clothesline.  Sheamus and Christian both miss attempts at finishers and it looks like the match is closing down.  Sheamus climbs the ropes, somewhere new for him, to grab Christian.  Christian drops back to the floor and drives Sheamus’s head into the ring post.  Holy shit that was violent.  Christian gets the pin.  Randy Orton dives into the ring to try to sneak attack Christian.  Christian runs away but Orton has that look in his eyes.  He turns his attention to Sheamus and Sheamus eats the Punt!

Way to go WWE.  Smackdown already has a lack of main event talent, so why not take one of your guys out with the Punt?  Short term booking problem.



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