Smarked for Death – WWE Smackdown 6/24/11.

Coming off of three hours of a PPV and three hours of Raw, I’m guessing there will be a severe lack of good in ring action on this week’s episode.  Lets see who’s right!


Teddy Long comes out and argues with Christian.  Tonight’s main event is made and it will tell us who gets the World title shot at the Money in the Bank PPV.  Because Christian really needs yet another title shot.  I’m a big fan of the guy and he does deserve a longer run with the World title but something needs to be done to spice up this angle.

Sin Cara vs. Ted  DiBiase

Oh good, the ring is bathed in blue yet again so we can barely  see what’s going on in this match.  Sin Cara is failing in his position as the next Rey Mysterio.  He has not been showing all that he can do in the ring.  In fact, with the lack of lighting in the ring he’s not showing much of anything.  Sin locks on some head scissors, spins around, and takes Ted down.  This is enough to get the pin.

Cody Rhodes cuts a promo on his way to the ring.  Daniel Bryan shows some humor and a little bit of mic skills.  Hey, maybe there’s a future in WWE for a guy who is only one of the greatest wrestlers on the planet.

Cody Rhodes vs. Daniel Bryan

Bryan proves to be too much for Cody and, for those of you who couldn’t predict this coming, Ted DiBiase comes down to help out his Priceless partner.  I hate to take anything away from either guy.  Both of them are great wrestlers but when Smackdown is giving me the same matches every week its tough to get excited over seeing the match for the 50th time.  Daniel gets trapped in the ropes allowing both Cody and Ted to take advantage of his prone position.  Cody hits the springboard strike and follows it up with Cross Rhodes for the pin.

Johnny Curtis does more of his weird shit.  Matt Striker interviews Big Show.  Show talks about hurting Mark Henry last week and Henry’s subsequent attacks.  Mark Henry comes out of no where and tackles Big Show through the set.

Ezekiel Jackson (Intercontinental champion) vs. Wade Barrett

Big Zeke is making his way down to the ring when Wade attacks him from behind. Wade bounces Jackson across every surface he can find outside the ring.  Jackson is rolled into the ring and the referee wont start the match until he sees if Zeke can make his way back to his feet.  Ezekiel finally climbs back up and it looks like Wade has created an advantageous situation for himself.  Barrett tries to keep Ezekiel down with any possible moves that come into his head.  Big Zeke ducks a clothesline attempt and locks up Wade’s arm for a side slam.  This becomes Ezekiel’s opportunity and Wade starts to eat clotheslines.  Wade rolls to the outside and waits for Zeke to come after him in order to knock Jackson down on the outside.  Barrett picks up Zeke for Wasteland but Jackson fights his way out.  Ezekiel picks up Barrett for the torture rack and lands the submission victory.

Wade Barrett walks around backstage with his tail between his legs.  Heath Slater and Justin Gabriel give Wade a standing ovation.  Each guy says what they are going to do, and they don’t need the other ones.

The Usos have a dramatic entrance now.  Are they actually getting pushed?  The crowd actually pops for the brothers.

The Usos vs. Heath Slater and Justin Gabriel

I don’t know when it happened, but the crowd couldn’t be more behind the Usos.  Do they hate the former Corre guys that much?  Or do they really appreciate a good Samoan dance number?  Jimmy hits a big kick on Heath but misses the splash from the top.  Heath rolls up Jimmy for the pin and this under rated tag team picks up a much needed win.

Jinder Mahal and The Great Khali ignore any attempt at having an actual match and destroy Yoshi Tatsu.  Jinder cuts a promo about how great they are, but no one cares.  I cant tell if Khali is agreeing with Jinder or not.  That Neanderthal brow of Khali’s makes him look constantly confused.

Christian vs. Kane

Didn’t Kane just get put through a table on Raw?  And didn’t Christian just lose yet another title match?  Sheamus was taken out with the Punt last week.  You know, just to keep things fresh I think I would be pushing the hell out of Mark Henry as well.  Kane proves to be too much for Christian and the Big Red Machine almost wins the match.  That is until the reborn Mark Henry comes down to attack Kane.  Christian doesn’t appreciate this because it means he doesn’t get the title shot now.  The two heel former WWE-ECW champions beat up another former WWE-ECW champion.  Teddy Long comes out and gives Christian another opportunity.  Right now.

Mark Henry and Christian vs. Kane and… Randy Orton (World champion)

The crowd pops huge for Orton.  This is one hell of a live audience in Baltimore.  TLC will be held there in December, which might be a must buy just for the crowd.  Mark and Kane beat the hell out of each other until its time for Christian to be his new shady self.  Christian distracts Orton and when Randy hits the RKO he forgets that Christian is not the legal man in this match.  Henry picks up Orton for the World’s Strongest Slam and pins the World champion.

Christian is the number one contender, but for some reason I feel like Mark Henry will have something to say about this on next week’s show.

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