Midnight Release 1 – August 9, 2011.

After an abscence of a year, I’m bringing back the top DVD releases of the week.  Every Tuesday, as part of the “All New All Different” Team Hellions, I’ll look at the most fun, geekiest, or oddball DVDs and BluRays of the week.  Lets see what looks like fun this week!


I’ll admit, I missed this in theaters.  However, whether it be Shaun of the Dead or Hot Fuzz or Spaced I love everything these two have their hands on.  Even unwatched, its a must buy for me.


If it was possible for Kick Ass to be even more fucked up, it would be this movie.  A worthy addition to any super hero collection, but only for mature audiences.

The Fox and the Hound

One of the saddest most adorable Disney movies of all time.  Released during the pre Little Mermaid “forgotten” Disney time frame, the movie stands up next to any Disney classic.

Doctor Who The Sun Makers (Story 95)

Doctor Who Paradise Towers (Story 149)

I don’t know anything about either Doctor Who set.  But its classic Doctor Who!  I don’t need to know anymore than that.

M.A.S.K. The Complete Series

Two toys in one!  Now that MASK is kind of affliated with GI Joe this set becomes a needed add to any 80s cartoon collection.  Matt Tracker is back!

Tactical Force

Some sure to be shitty Steve Austin movie.  But its somewhat wrestling related so we’ll let you know about it.  Probably $15 today at Wal-Mart its sure to be $10 soon and $5 within the year.

Star Wars the Clone Wars Complete Season One

I was sure this had been released already.  Maybe I’ve seen it in the “coming soon” box so many times by now.  Anyways, it really is a great show.  Forget about the movie/pilot of it.  The show finds itself rather quickly and dances with being classic.

Bikini Girls on Ice

This is your requisite WTF? movie of the week.  Horror, exploitation, and something that will still make a ton of cash off of whimsy RedBox rentals.

Head Rush

And your palate cleanser.  This is Mythbusters, but re-edited to use in schools.  An excellent idea and one that should be supported.  Especially after wasting your time and or money on the above film.

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