Fear of a Black Spider-Man.

I don’t know what the big deal is.  I mean, way back in Amazing Spider-Man #300 the black costume was the shit.  Then there was Venom in all of his incarnations.  I can understand in the Todd McFarlane Spider-Man #13 why Mary Jane hated the costume.  What with all the bad stuff Eddie Brock had done to her.

What’s that?

Oh. THAT black Spider-Man.

Miles Morales has debuted as the new Ultimate Spider-Man.  And half the world flipped out over it.  How dare they kill off Peter Parker!  We cant have a black Spider-Man!  There are numerous wars and the economy is shit but this, THIS!, is going to get me off of my couch in anger. 

Calm the fuck down.

One, take Spidey down to his core.  To paraphrase Donald Glover (he who seeks to be the Wall Crawler) if you told me about a hero who’s parents were dead, his uncle was gunned down, he lives with his aunt in Queens, they’re always broke and struggling, and he sacrifices everything trying to be good even though it would be so easy to give up — wouldn’t you think he was black? 

Two, who cares?  This is 2011.  Being a white middle class straight man is rapidly becoming not the norm.  Comics should be more diverse.  Naturally so.  A teenager dying to save his family inspires someone else to pick up the mantle and that someone else happens to be black?  Natural!  I’m not saying throw something into an established character for no good reason.  No, it probably wouldn’t work to have Superman get up and say Lois I’m sorry but my heart belongs to Jimmy.  But I believe that if you asked Superman (you know, besides the hurdle of him being a fictional character) he would say that humans should be decent and loving to each other regardless of any labels. 

Three, pull out your back issues of Wizard and remember this isn’t the first time.  Steel, Green Lantern, Atom, and it goes on and on.  But they haven’t done a change like this with a classic character!  Superman’s death, four “new” Supermen, Batman’s back, Azrael and Dick Grayson disagree with you.  But they haven’t done it in Marvel!  Hey, yes they have.  Not only have they switched from white to black.  They switched orange to green.  That’s right.  She Hulk in the Fantastic Four.  Take that!  Ben Reilly clone, Spider-Man 2099, What If?,  Earth X, cartoons, movies, Dusk, Hornet, Richochet, Prodigy and more.  The character has been around longer than you’ve been alive.  Change happens.

Finally, its not the original Spider-Man!  If you have enjoyed any comic book movies then your brain can seperate the two entities.  Organic web shooters?  Not my favorite thing but I was able to draw a mental line between movie Spidey and classic Marvel Spidey.  This is already Ultimate Universe, already its own thing.  They can turn Spider-Man into a villain for all I care.

Here’s the only way you are allowed to complain.  Did the story suck?  No?  It was actually a very beautiful scene and tribute to the Web Head that cant really be done in proper Marvel because they cant kill him off.  It was nice to see someone inspired by Peter Parker instead of seeing him be blamed for everything from Green Goblin to the death of dinosaurs.  Well then can your latent racisim and enjoy some damn comics!  This is supposed to be fun.

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