Future Endeavored And Released.

WWE is clearing house again!  Lets guess where everyone ends up in this the first (most likely of many) edition of FEAR!

Vladimir Kozlov

Wasn’t there a lot of dissention within TNA over Vlad coming into WWE?  Oh yeah there was.  Because Jerry Jarrett is the one that brought Kozlov to the WWE’s attention.  Does that fact and controversy still hang over the Moscow Mauler’s head?  If not then he already has a connection within TNA and could be brought in under the hype of a former WWE main eventer.  Yes, yes he did main event a few.  Its unknown if he could hang in a Ring of Honor or a wrestling heavy indy group.  Chances are he’ll go to Hollywood and make a fair living in direct to DVD productions.


This is the moment that will decide how Melina is to be remembered for the ages.  She could go to TNA, in addition to well paid indy appearances, and probably eventually return to WWE.  Within the non-PG TNA the move that brought her to the dance could be replicated.  Short skirt split leg ring entrances.  That’s what made her famous, that’s what was taken away from her in the sanguine WWE and that’s what could bring her to prominence again.  Hey, I didn’t make sex sell.  On the other hand, Melina could go batshit crazy.  Now no longer in WWE, her relationship with John Morrison may fall apart.  She’ll then travel down the well paved road of cock coke and codependency.  She could be the new generation’s Missy Hyatt.

Gail Kim

If there’s anyone who will come out fine in all of this, its Gail Kim.  Whether she was fired or quit (and I’m leaning towards she quit), she’s going to end up back on top.  There’s no doubt she’ll be hailed in the Knockout division as a lost forgotten hero.  Also, anyone who speaks their mind publicly about WWE as she has been doing is bound to make a good amount of cash.  If she’s not worried about burning any bridges, a WWE Diva tell all book is long overdue.  (Not to make two references to her in one post, but no the Missy Hyatt book does not count.)

Chris Masters

I think this is it for the Masterpiece.  He’s tried so hard to get over, everything asked of him.  Even took the one off joke of jiggling his pecs and tried to make that work.  He’s already come and gone from WWE once and its the rare person who gets a third chance.  I don’t think anyone expects him to go to Japan or ROH.  Masters will have a fine career running gyms, being a personal trainer, maybe eventually throwing his name on a wrestling school.

David Hart Smith

This may be the best thing to happen to Smith.  Time to become great.  Overseas tours, territories, dungeons and dojos.   Smith will learn, grow and evolve into an incredible wrestler.  Things that wouldn’t happen if he was left to mire in the forgotten limbo of WWE dark matches and house shows.

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