Judging Covers 8/31/11.

Its THAT week in comics.  Only two titles from DC comics (and originally we thought there would only be one) and thus its a very limited release week.  Lets get right to the Gorilla Grodd in the room.


As always I suggest you check out your local comic book shop and support them as much as you can.  I loves me some Zeus Comics.  And while you’re there tell them how much you love The Variants too!

Flashpoint #5

Lot of shit is about to happen with Flash and Batman and the new DCU will be unveiled.  Yes, we all know its a huge gamble and we’re all buying some out of curiosity.  But once you’ve done this, if it fails, then what?

Justice League #1

Buy for the art, buy to get in on the ground floor, buy just so you’re not left behind during the biggest comic book event of the year, if not the decade.

But what else is coming out?

Gore #4

I don’t know a damn thing about this book but that cover stopped me dead in my scrolling tracks.  Must. Find. Out. Now

Herc #6.1

I knew Flash would be changed and unrecognizable after the event of Flashpoint but I never expected him to show up in the 616.  Yeah, I don’t think this is coinicidence.  Not saying Flash is in Marvel, just marketing.

Mighty Thor #5

Is this the whole neighborhood standing up to Galactus?!  Well, a neighborhood with fantasy characters.  Fuck it, I’m sold.  Take me on a ride Thor!  (That may have come out worse than I meant.)

Sonic the Hedgehog #228

Yes, solely for the Genesis tribute cover.

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