Judging Covers 9/7/11.

There are a TON of cool covers today so there wont be much of an intro here.

What I will say is that these guys have been awesome to me and this site so please support them any way you can.  But especially financially.



Onto the comics!


Animal Man #1

Could this be a return to the legendary meta fiction that turned Animal Man into something important?  No way to know yet, but this cover is a good start.

Batgirl #1

A good way to ease the pain of erasing an iconic character is with a cover so gorgeous you have to look inside.


Detective Comics #1

The Bat and his most dangerous enemy right from the beginning.  That’s coming out full speed.


Men of War #1

This isn’t on my new 52 pull list but look at the blacks and reds!  Is it a period piece, modern, future, alternate universe?  It doesn’t matter its about war!  Lets fight to get them covers open (that sounded a little wrong).


Omac #1

Kirby smash-tastic action!  Fuck and Yes please.


Stormwatch #1

Oh cool.  Its Stormwatch but with Midnighter and Apollo.  That seems neat.  OMG is that Martian Manhunter?!  I need to know how this happens!


The Big Lie #1

You sir, you who put out this book, you have HUGE balls.


Cobra #4

Bow down before Serpentor bitches!  This I command!


Wolverine (Fear Itself) #3

How I learned to stop worrying and embrace the Canuck on a warhead.  Know who I hope appears in this issue?  Dr Strange.  Love!


Godzilla Gangsters and Goliaths #4

Tell Mothra its time to pay his gambling debts!  I got his tiny bitches already!


Grimm Fairy Tales the Library #1

Yeah, its Zenescope.  But that cover has four things I love.  Interior art aside, I’ll at least hang this up on the wall.


Hack/Slash #7

A nice companion with the Library cover I think.


Intrepid Scapegoat #1

What the hell is this?  Besides the greatest comic book title I’ve seen in years!  Holy crap that’s a title you need to share with anyone that just loves good fun comics.


Moon Knight #5

Look in Spider-Man’s eye.  There is so much in this cover even the fist of Konshu has trouble comprehending it all.


Ninjas vs. Zombies #3

We all drew this on our notebooks but none of us were driven enough to turn it into a career.  I might buy this just to be a kid again.


Red Skull #3

All hail your new czar!!!  Seriously, what a propaganda piece.  There’s even fold lines!


Thor Heaven and Earth #4

Thor.  Fighting dragons.  I’ll wait while you clean your pants.


X-23 #14

I hope this is a cute image and not the prelude to a fight.  Good new characters aside, I’m not ready to see the lil’ clone fuck up Ben Grimm.

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