Rome Don’t Stop Episode 44.

So the Rome Drive In might be sold off and become yet another car dealership.  Yes, something that is unique in America may be sold off and paved over to become yet another empty lot selling off cars.  Because there aren’t enough places in the country that have flags and wacky wavy guys and giant gorillas saying the deals our HUGE!  We need to get rid of something amazing – the drive in – for yet more crap.  It is a travesty.

However, that does not mean we cant pick on the locals and their poor choice of words.  This Rome resident doesn’t want to see the drive in become a car dealership because “to drive by and see that lot filled with cars would be a shame.”

Sir.  Its a drive in.  It should be filled with cars.  Because that’s how you get to a drive in.  You literally drive in.  Then enjoy the movie(s).  To NOT see a ton of cars in that lot would be a shame.  It would mean no one’s going to see the movies there.  In that case, go ahead and sell the thing.

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