Most Fun Comics – Storm Born #3 Review.

For those of you that don’t remember, I reviewed the previous two issues:

Issue 1 HERE

Issue 2 HERE

Lets get on to the newest one!

Eugenie begins to rally her troops.  This issue is where those of us who were not previously familiar with the character have our eyes opened.  Never before have  I thought a comic was on one specific path only to then realize that there has been another one just underneath and about to intersect this entire time.  To quote a great announcer, “business is about to pick up!”

Those of you who have read the novels may know these characters already, but for those of us reading only the comics (so far) this is when it is revealed that Eugenie has Gentry (or spirits) that are under obligation to her.  I would say control, but that’s a foolish choice of words.  You never completely control a creature like that.  There is Volusian, a damned soul who does only as Eugenie very explicitly asks of him.  Nandi, accused of witchcraft so long ago that serving Eugenie for three years in order to finally be given eternal peace sounds like a fair bargain.  Finally, Finn a fairy-esque creature who stays around just for fun.  When you live for centuries you do things like that.  The four, along with Wil (remember him?  His daughter is missing.) travel to the Otherworld.

It is believed that King Aeson holds Wil’s daughter, so our group (I am leery to write “group of heroes”) travel to King Dorian under the flag of the enemy of my enemy is my friend.  Dorian is… well Dorian is a pimp.  I don’t mean he takes money from hookers and beats them.  I mean the new rap definition of pimp,  the man has money, power and yes women too.  He’s loved by some, hated by many but respected and feared by all.  He’s so smooth and charming.  Drawn stunning as well.  Many women complain, rightfully so, about the over sexualization of super heroines.  Rightfully so.  But damn does Dave Hamann draw some handsome men.  You cant hire actors that look this great, and if you got close you’d have the next great sex symbol.

All of this being said, I’m still not telling you things!  There is a revelation about Eugenie’s stepfather.  Then there’s that final page and you know that in the next issue Eugenie has only two possible decisions.  Rise.  Or fall.

Wow.  I know I’ll be there for it.  Can Not Wait.


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