SFD Xtra: TNA/Impact Wrestling in Theaters.

Check out this Bound for Glory TNA has recently produced:


While Hulk Hogan vs. Sting is a dated match that should not be happening in 2011, the rest of this idea may have merit.  Why not pay some money to go see a three hour athletic “movie” on a giant screen?  This could be something special and I now need to find out if TNA has reached a deal with a movie theater near me so I can join the experience.

Looking at ImpactWrestling.com as the video says.  Cant find anything.

Nothing on the Bound for Glory sub site.

Let me type in “in theater”.  Nope, not getting anywhere that way either.

Oh, the commercial says its sponsored by ScreenVision.  Well, lets try that.

Nope, nothing there either.

Thank you TNA you have screwed up something that could have made you money.  Yet again.


  1. The video says go to ImpactWrestling.com to find locations. If I cant go on the site today to find out where to go, then don’t post the video today. Wait to post the video until all of the information is available.

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