This Here Is What Was Domination.

[Ed note: This was originally written for another site way back when Ezekiel won the IC belt. That site dried up and the post has now been moved over here.  Enjoy.]

Congratulations on winning the Intercontinental championship Ezekiel Jackson, now don’t screw up.  At 6 foot 4 and over 300 pounds of nothing but muscle, he has that imposing look that Vince McMahon loves to see in his champions.  Like an ebony Batista, Ezekiel has the size, strength, passable wrestling ability, and average mic skills to become a future world champion.  There is only one thing holding him back.  The fact that there has never been a black WWE champion.

Its is 2011 and there is no excuse for WWE to have never let a black man hold their premiere title.  The Rock is half black, and Booker T won the world title.  NWA, TNA and WCW’s world titles have all been held by black men.  Yet, there is the most prestigious championship in all of professional wrestling tarnished by this glaring omission.

No one else is close to winning the title now that R-Truth’s push is over.  Big Zeke has all the tools needed to be the first man to hold the title.  From the moment his intense theme music hits the crowd is behind the gargantuan from Guyana.  He shakes his massive arm to set up the clothesline and it looks like a swaying redwood.  His string of body slams is so painful to watch that the crowd collectively clutches the smalls of their backs.  All of this to set up the Book of Ezekiel slam.  Even if you could get up after this move, why in God’s name would you want to?  His IC title win and hopefully a string of successful title defenses will only help to build him up to a credible main event challenger.  No matter who holds that WWE title in the near future; whether its John Cena, CM Punk, Miz or anyone else, there is money in seeing them defend the title against the Guyanese Goliath.

However, history is not on his side.  There is a long, long list of black men who won secondary titles in WWE only to never make it to that next level.  ”Oh come on, there cant be that many!”  Oh no, just take a look:  Mark Henry, Shelton Benjamin, MVP, Ahmed Johnson, D-Lo Brown, the Godfather, Kofi Kingston (although there is still hope for him), and most recently and glaringly Bobby Lashley.  There are a few things Ezekiel can do to avoid hitting the glass ceiling of mid card title winners.

First of all, don’t get injured too much.  Ahmed was a lock to win the world title until he started to get injured every other week.  Then he was released, had a fight years later over the letter T, and has now disappeared.

Secondly, don’t date a Diva.  If you do, don’t let her guide your career.  Bobby Lashley probably thought he was doing the right thing by standing up for his girlfriend Kristal Marshall and leaving WWE with her.  What has happened years later?  He’s floundering with a terrible MMA career while paying out divorce and child support payments to the same Kristal.  Well that all sounds worth it.

Finally, evolve in positive ways.  There is nothing wrong with changing your character to keep things fresh.  However some changes can slow, stall or kill a career.  The Godfather was painted in the corner and now has no place in the current PG project.  Shelton wasn’t given a chance after the gold standard gimmick.  D’Lo got fat.

Ezekiel Jackson has this golden opportunity to lead the WWE and be a positive role model to millions around the world.  If he’s smart he can stay on this winning path and continue his dominance.  All that stands between him and success is air, opportunity and of course WWE Creative.

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