Extraterrestrial Compendium (Electronic Edition) Review.

From Sea Lion Books and Pat Lee comes the Extraterrestrial Compendium.  This is a preview edition of the full book which will be coming out towards the end of the year.  Pat Lee, and an amazing team, show us 20 preview images of the many alien races believed to be in some sort of contact with Earth over the centuries.


Whether you believe in aliens or not, this is not a book to be read late at night.  There is no plot, just beautiful pictures of each race, a description of the race, and a short write up by Pat detailing the artistic decisions and concepts necessary to portray beings that no one has seen.  You can put that whole last part in quotes depending on what side of the conspiracy you land on.

The fear comes in when the reader sees the theme of the write ups.  Most of the aliens can be divided into two groups, those that want to benefit humanity, and those that want to ruin it.  I know, I know.  Lets deal with the doubters first.  If there are really dozens of space traveling societies how could they all stay away from detection?  Also, Pat Lee has a lot of details that shouldn’t really exist on something supposedly so covert.  For those doubters I say its up to you how you want to treat this book after reading it.  If you read it and want to view this as a work of fiction, then file it on a shelf with your Star Wars handbook.  Not since George Lucas has someone created such a rich multi layered universe of characters in an instant.  Much like how every alien seen in the Cantina scene of Episode IV has their own rich backstory and species history, every alien race in this book has their own look, history and most importantly – agenda.  Whether this project is the beginning, or a one shot, is not yet known.  However either way the reader gets an expansive universe with so much story that the book demands multiple readings to discover all of the layers and connections between the stars.

Now I ask the opposite.  What if you believe, this book has some truth to it, and Pat Lee has done an astounding amount of research?  Well then we are screwed.  Other planets with hundreds, maybe thousands, or even millions of years of evolution ahead of us.  Just the internet alone is such a technological leap over what was possible a mere century ago.  Imagine what will exist in 2111, or further.  The possibility of an intergalactic war between reptilian forms and human based life for our fate is frightening.  This book becomes required reading.  A field guide so those of us who live to see the what the stars reveal know which planets and their residents to align with.

Whether you want to take this book as fact or fiction, either way you cant deny that Pat Lee has introduced us to a full universe that you never before knew existed.  All I want from this book is more.  More races, more science, more biology, more stories.  Get it out to the public soon sir.  If the introduction has an ounce of truth next year will be when it all comes down.  You have a little more than 12 months to give the world some more entertainment.  Or help.  Again, it depends on which side of the galactic war you settle on.


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