Ring of Honor 9/24/11 Review.

Its the debut of the new Ring of Honor show!  Will they look professional or low budget?  Will the in ring action be all that they have the potential to show?  Will this lead to ROH over taking TNA as the number two promotion in the United States?  Stop asking questions, lets watch the show!

Well the opening was dope as fuck.  Taking a lesson from the UFC gladiator openings.  The arena looks great, and the set up is not too heavy on the blacks.

Kevin Kelly tells us tonight’s main event and good show by ROH throwing former WWE tag team champions on the first show.  Kelly introduces his broadcast partner, the returning Nigel McGuiness!  Take all the internet rumors aside, awesome to see Nigel doing something in the world of pro wrestling.

Future Shock and the Bravados cut promos on their upcoming match.  Not too bad on the promo skills, and good way to introduce new talent to the new fans.

Future Shock vs. The Bravados

The Code of Honor is still around?  I had no idea.  I’m pleased, but I really had no idea.  Instant fast based, young hungry wrestling action.  I think this tag match with lighter guys is the perfect way to start off the broadcast.  The Bravados are named Lancelot and Harlem?  I’m really not sure if that’s awful or fantastic.  Tweet of the week is an awesome idea and a great way to get the fans into the show.  These four guys have not slowed down for a second.  Insane conditioning and great skills along with good chemistry with their teammates and opponents.  Double dragon screw leg whip?!

Yeah, the Rolling Butterfly Suplex spot is one of the craziest moves I’ve ever seen in wrestling.  Holy shit I would have never thought such a move to even be possible.  Not only do we get crazy moves, but classic wrestling like hooking the tights.  Future Shock hits Ride the Lightning for the pin and I’m sold on both teams.  This could be the only match of the show and its already in contention for best wrestling of the week.

Kevin Kelly interviews ROH World champion Davey Richards.  Richards is ridiculously good.  Also, yes I’m calling it a World title now.  World class talent, TV deals, how could you not see it as a World title?

Kevin Kelly shows scenes from a recent ROH show in NYC.  This highlight package gets over numerous talents, story lines and feuds in about 5 minutes.  Every other group out there, watch and learn.  The highlight of the highlights (which should totally be someone’s gimmick) is scenes from Eddie Edwards vs Davey Richards for the ROH world title.

Davey hasn’t even wrestled on the show, and wont for weeks, but that video package made him.  How can you not want to watch every week just to see this man?

ROH commercial and guess what?  They didn’t try to get over showing footage of CM Punk or the American Dragon.  They showed the current stars.  They’re making themselves, not making talent in other companies.

“Inside Ring of Honor” is brilliant.  An explanation is given of the Code of Honor.  Now it will mean something to these new viewers when its broken.  Jay Lethal has a sit down and puts over himself, ROH, El Generico and the TV title.  Yet I’ve sat through two hours of other shows from other wrestling groups and they don’t get anyone over in all that time.

Scenes are shown from the 4 team elimination match at Best in the World.  How could you not want to order this DVD after watching this preview?  Fucking amazing work by the ROH TV crew.

Kings of Wrestling (with the amazing Sara Del Rey) come to the ring to the best theme song in wrestling today.  I hope Hero and Claudio own that theme and can use it in WWE.  (Oops, did I spoil something?)

KOW vs. Wrestling’s Greatest Tag Team – Charlie Haas and Shelton Benjamin (ROH tag team champions)

Claudio just got compared to Jesse Ventura.  Body wise I may agree.  He’s in ridiculous shape.  These two teams have wrestled each other many times and you can tell.  They flow so naturally in the ring.  Hero and Claudio are so damn long limbed and talented they can knock your ass out from any angle any where in the ring at any time.  The feet fly and any lesser man than the WGTT would be down for good from one of these shots.  Did Claudio hook Sheldon’s arm during the pin attempt?  There are so many little things done by all four men that really make this match.

Near fall after near fall in this bout.  Its unreal that its still continuing.  Remember how I said earlier in the review that the men in the tag match had insane conditioning and never slowed down?  Yeah, take that, apply it to this match, but add experience.  To anyone who ever said tag team wrestling is dead, you aren’t watching the right place.

“Wrestling’s Greatest Finisher” gets the job done and Haas pins Hero.

Holy crap this was a great show.  TNA watch your backs.  You’re about to fall even farther.  Its time for the Rise of Honor!

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