Extraterrestrial Compendium (Electronic Edition) Review: Take Two

I have never had a graphic novel give me goosebumps…until today. I downloaded Extraterrestrial Compendium, the electronic edition, on a whim. The image of Grey’s, which adorn the cover to this and the upcoming release of the hardcover edition, has always gotten to me. An image of fear, devastation, and destruction; my brain will never let me forget that which it fears. With fear, one prays for hope, shining in the distance. And this book may be it.


This is the most intriguing graphic novel I’ve ever read. To say it is an actual graphic novel is not quite correct, as it acts more like an encyclopedia to the species that populate the universe. Pat Lee has brought to life these many species that have had contact with humans in the past and may still to this day.

Pat begins by telling us in a nice little introduction that there are many incidents of UFO anomalies witnessed around the world and his intent is to depict these species as he and his team sees fit. He is not trying to convince anybody, and acclaims this as a work of fiction, but Pat does want you to enjoy his creations.

The book is divided into two types of aliens: good and evil. It makes it clear that the good have many more human qualities than any, and that the evil have a reptilian origin. Fans of David Icke will revel in the stark accuracy of this good and evil setting. Thankfully this little portion of the book is filled with more good than evil ET’s.

Believers will find familiar species in here such as Alpha Centaurian’s, Bernarians, Els, who are believed to be the ancestors of the Nephilim or the Anunnaki, and a race known as the Lyrans which are believed to be a more advanced human society. There are also species that share common bonds with Earth animals such as a race of cat like beings, as well as a race of frog like beings. There is even a race so far evolved that they can chose not to take a physical form (thankfully they are friendly and are helping the earth move towards a more peaceful state).

One race that startled me, was known as the Sirius B race. A trouble maker race whom I first heard about on the Television program Ancient Aliens. Another familiar face and famous ET is known as Ashtar Sheran, who makes an appearance in this compendium. It is reported that he has had contact with select human beings on Earth and contacts them through the Television (so that’s what that was in Poltergeist).

The best thing about this compendium is that, as a human, it humbles you back down to Earth itself. These beings featured in the book are far more advanced and have lived a lot longer than we have. For fans of Ancient Aliens, this is the ultimate compliment to the show, and alien enthusiasts will be more than thrilled for this fantastic books.

For more check out http://www.etcompendium.com/


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