Judging Covers 9/28/11.

Your exciting weekly look at the best comic book covers debuting on the racks today.  Know what store has a great set up to find, discover and buy these books?  Zeus Comics.  Helpful staff, huge selection and professional.  You can bring your partner, your kid, your dog.  Well maybe not the dog.  But the point is you’ll never feel embarrassed going into this comic book store.

No DC covers this week.  I don’t know if I’ve been over exposed to them and they’ve lost all meaning to me or if they’re just not that great this week.

Lets get this comic party started!

GI Joe #5

I don’t know how many episodes of the classic cartoon took place in Africa.  But I can guarantee they never had this level of horror to them.   The Joe team is about to enter their own personal Heart of Darkness in the pages of this issue.


The Last Phantom #9

I was never a fan of the newspaper strip, and barely know the history of the character.  But hot damn look at that cover!  He’s crystal clear except for the cascading water.  This is a better cover than any Invisible Man (or inspired character) has had in over 100 years.  And invisibility isn’t even what he’s known the best for!  Someone tell me more about the Phantom.  I may want to buy this.


Secret Avengers #17

Hey Steve Rogers, you’ve been thawed out for a few years now.  Ever see a movie called Maximum Overdrive?  No no, don’t watch it right now.  I’ll bring it to you.


The Mighty Thor #6

OK, good, the Destroyer is on the cover.  He looked cool in the Thor movie.  There’s Thor on the cover too.  And… what the hell?  Galactus?!  Is this about to be Destroyer vs. Galactus?  Is Hugh Jackman training Destroyer?  (Real Steel joke, not Wolverine joke.)


Deadpool MAX #12

Oh to be a fly on the wall for this conversation.  Damn.  There goes the wall.  Oh to be a cockroach on the ground….


Black Panther The Most Dangerous Man Alive #523.1

Hello and welcome to your new iconic image of T’Challa.


Abe Sapien Devil Does Not Jest #1

Scary, iconic, astounding use of colors.  Is there ever a bad cover from the BPRD crew?  I say thee nay.  Oops, wrong book.

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