Rob’s Ten Favorite “Current” WWE Themes

The wrestling theme song has emerged to serve three purposes. The first is to identify the wrestler you’re about to see. I mean, when you heard the glass shatter, you knew you were going to get Stone Cold Steve Austin. The second is to pump up the wrestler and the audience at the same time. If you have “electric” theme music, you’re going to get your audience into the match as well as prepare yourself. The third, and this is a more recent development, is that it promotes relatively unknown bands. How many of you honestly know that Downstait does the theme songs for The Miz and Alex Riley? Or that Shaman’s Harvest does the theme song for Drew McIntyre?

I am here to present you with the top 10 wrestling theme songs going today in the WWE. I’m sure you’re wondering why just the WWE; Impact’s themes do nothing for me, absolutely nothing. The WWE has their shit together when it comes to theme songs.

Before we begin, props must be given to Jim Johnston, who has written many-a-theme for WWE. The bands of the more modern themes will be mentioned here as well. You can download many of these themes on iTunes as singles.

10. Drew McIntyre – Broken Dreams

I miss Drew, and his theme music. I had never heard of Shaman’s Harvest until I downloaded Drew’s theme song. It’s a slow and methodical song, much like drew is, but with a silent sort of intensity. Please, bring Drew back!

9. Jack Swagger – Get On Your Knees

While being one hell of a wrestler, Jack has one hell of a theme song. At first, and I’m sure everyone is thinking this, I thought it was sung by Rage Against the Machine. Well not exactly, the band is called Age Against the Machine, but they do one hell of an impression. While his music isn’t patriotic, it will get you pumped up for any match that he is in.

8. The Miz – I Came to Play

Yeah, I know, it’s the Miz. But he does have one of the best themes in the WWE today. Performed by a band called Downstait, its got that rap/rock thing going for it. I’ve actually downloaded their second album and they’re great. From the sounds of it they must put on a great live show, much like the Miz.

7. Alberto Del Rio – Realeza

Yeah, another shit box, but I love his theme song. Its got your traditional Latin themes with this low guitar in it. I’ve never been to Mexico, but if its as good as this theme, I’m in. The theme is performed by Mariachi Real De Mexico.

6. The Rock – Electrifying

I know we haven’t seen him much yet this year, but the Rocks theme is off the fucking hook! Its kind of a kick back to the oldies, where wrestlers would often do their own improv over the music. And the music here is done by Jim Johnston himself.

5. Natalya – New Foundation

I love this reworking of the Hitman’s theme, there is a lot of intensity going on with it, and has certainly made Natalya a must watch superstar for me. The reworking has been done by the wonderful Jim Johnston. Just from the theme, I don’t want to mess with her, sounds like she could kick my ass.

4. Zack Ryder – Radio

Our favorite broski has a great theme song. One I didn’t think I’d like at first, but it keeps growing on me. Done by Watt White, WWE’s resident boy band and spiky hair extraordinaire rocks out to this great song. If you like him check out this song, and like him on Facebook, follow him on Twitter, buy the broski headband, t-shirt, and take care…spike your hair.

3. Christian – Just Close Your Eyes

Many times, when I hear this theme hit and people cheer, I think they’re cheering more for the fact that Story of the Year performs this fantastic theme. It definitely gets me pumped every time I hear it. And if its a one more match requirement to hear it more and more…I’ll support it

2. Alex Riley – Say It to My Face & Sheamus – Written in my Face

Well the face theme is running wild in this tie. Since A-Ry has broken from the Miz, we’ve had the pleasure of hearing this supreme theme song performed by Downstait. The play on what sounds like violins, but I know isn’t. The guitar part and vocals get you pumped! For Sheamus, this song bleeds Ireland with a touch of kick your ass. The theme is performed by Sean Jenness and is all balls to the wall.

1. Edge – Metalingus

Yeah, I know he had to retire, but Edge has had the best theme song since Alter Bridge allowed him to use it. There has been no theme song for me that has ever gotten me as pumped up as this song. You could see the intensity of the song by Edge’s ring entrances alone. They were always the most exciting, energetic, and awesome. We all miss you Edge.

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