The Impact of Titles.

So, CM Punk is awesome…

But that’s not the point of this piece.  No, I’m sorry fans but right now we’re going to talk about Impact Wrestling.  I’ll understand if you leave.

The most recent edition of Impact Wrestling was intended to have a PPV feel.  The usual matches and feuds were not fully represented at TNA Destination X show because it was the special all X Division event.  While I enjoyed Destination X, and Midsummer’s Nightmare was average, they both highlight two problems with this company.

Problem one, what the hell is your name?  The PPV was presented by TNA, as have all PPVs.  However, the show is now called Impact Wrestling.  There are next to no mentions or logos that say TNA during the weekly show.  While WWE has Raw and Smackdown it is still very much WWE Raw and WWE Smackdown.  DC comics presents Batman.  The Big Mac is from McDonalds.  Impact Wrestling is brought to you by…?  The only place I could find any mention of TNA is on the belts.  This only causes confusion in your potential fanbase.  Decide on your name, only one name, and commit to it.  I get it.  TNA sounded all cute when everyone who began the company thought with the logic and foresight of a high school freshman.  But you’re now a multi million dollar company with sponsors and contracts the world over.  I’m all for changing your name to Impact Wrestling.  So do it and get it over with.  If “wrestling matters” then add your new name to the PPV posters.  Its not where total nonstop action matters anymore, so why still use “TNA presents”?  Decide on your identity and push your wrestling that matters so much.  Give us meaningful matches for pride revenge and championships.  Speaking of…

The second point/problem is that TNA/Impact Wrestling has not made the titles mean anything for months.  Lets look at the big PPV quality episode from last week.  There was a world title match, and… that’s it.  Abyss’s loss of the X Division title is mentioned, but Brian Kendrick was no where to be found.  The rest of the champions weren’t even around.  No Knockouts, Knockouts tag, TV, or tag title matches took place.   You have six titles!  There is room to feature more than one on a two hour show!  All focus is on the Bound for Glory series.  What is more glorious than gold?

I’m not saying WWE is perfect.  However, they have two titles exclusive to each show and two titles that can float between them.  Which means six titles as well.  Every week there is a WWE title story, a World title and at least one of the other four if not many of them.  Right now the Intercontinental title has Cody Rhodes and Ted DiBiase chasing it.  Dolph Ziggler and Kofi Kingston continue to fight over the US title.  Kelly Kelly and the Bella twins have… something.  The only title without a current chase are the tag team titles.

What does TNA have in comparison?  Eric Young is feuding with who?  I guess Mexican America have the next shot at the tag team titles but I wouldn’t call it a story or feud.  Brian Kendrick might have to give Abyss a rematch, but that’s a big if.  I forget that there even is a Knockouts tag team title.  Finally, the women that Mickie James should be feuding with are wrapped up in feuds with other women.  Tara vs. Madison Rayne, Velvet Sky vs. everyone else, and Mickie has no one left to give a shit about her or the belt.

Decide who and what you are Impact Wrestling.  I’m willing to believe you when you say that wrestling matters.  Now show me you mean it.

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  1. The thing about the name as best I can grasp is its now Impact…. the TV show… Not TNA Impact. Just Impact. Like saying RAW instead of WWE RAW. They picked a terrible name for a wrestling company… The only thing worse would be GAY.

    TNA has too many damn titles and 44 workers on the active roster… 45 now that Jesse Neal is back. Wow… It would be one thing if 30 were on Impact and 15 were on Xplosion.

    A women’s tag division with 11 female wrestlers in the company… dumb… They need to cut the women’s tag belts or increase the knockout division by 5… and I DON’T WANT THAT! There are enough implants in the promobiton.

    As for Eric Young, he should take his TV title and ONLY defend it on X-Plosion. It could be big for X-Plosion. Eric Young can be the gatekeeper of X-Plosion. If a guy gets enough heat to get off X-Plosion and moved up to the main roster, then so be it.

    Like a developmental system 🙂 WWE has Superstars with guys you won’t see on RAW for a year or two. Then when these guys on X-Plosion are good enough to get off then start hyping them up on Impact. Then what you do is have them feud with someone on Impact who will lose and go to X-Plosion… or get released from the company (for realsies).

    Maybe I’m on crack…

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