Top Ten Guesses for 2CW’s 1st Annual Girls Grand Prix.

Sure there are only four spots left.  But that doesn’t mean I cant take more than four guesses!  All the more chances for me to get a couple picks right.

I’ll list the 4 I think are most likely to be in the tournament, four alternates, and two there’s no way but this would be cool guesses to round this out to an even ten.

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10.  Mickie James

2CW has asked before if the fans would be interested in seeing Mickie James.  Of course we would be interested.  She’s one of the greatest women wrestlers of all time.  And some would say, not too bad to look at.  While Mickie has her country music career and TNA bookings have to come first, that doesn’t mean she doesn’t have a weekend in March free to come wrestle in front of hundred of fans.  However, to my knowledge Mickie hasn’t wrestled in Ring of Honor or Shimmer since leaving WWE. If she wont wrestle for them then how likely is she to come work for the hottest indy wrestling company in the country?

9. Vanessa Kraven/Melissa Coates

Give me a minute to explain, there’s a reason for having two names listed here.  Vanessa was trained by 2CW’s own ZS3.  If that’s not enough to make her tough, wrestling in Queen of the Deathmatch Tournaments creates diamond hard women.  Melissa was trained by Killer Kowalski and there we have another connection to ZS3.  She’s less likely to appear than Vanessa because while Melissa works well as a bodybuilder, Vanessa has spent nights picking thumbtacks out of her back.  She would fit right in with the 2CW faithful.

8.  Nicole Matthews

Seriously, how have we not seen the other half of the Canadian Ninjas in 2CW yet?  Her tag team partner, Portia Perez, is THE woman of 2CW.  Anything that’s needed, she will do.  If Nicole Matthews is good enough to be her partner (and she is freaking amazing) then she is more than worthy of our applause.

7.  Christina Von Eerie

Striking while the iron is hot.  Christina just debuted in TNA and the wrestling community wants to know more about this woman.  Don’t call her the Princess of Punk unless you want your balls ripped off.  I would call her a 2011 version of Lita but Von Eerie is, you know, talented.  Whether they’re Divas or monsters, CVE will hack/slash the competition.  Oh that’s right, I threw in some fantasy movie casting there too.

6. MsChif

The ONLY reason I don’t have MsChif at the top is due to travel.  She has a full time job, and wow what a job it is, but also lives no where near upstate NY.  However, should the stars ever align please bring in one of the greatest women wrestlers on the planet today.  She is arguably the greatest woman wrestler of the last ten years.  Screw your Divas, I haven’t seen them posing with handprint welts on their chests and a smile on their faces. Granted, a smile with green hair and black paint, but a smile nonetheless.

5.  Roxxi

Roxxi should be a lock and a given for this event, but her name has not been announced yet and thus I have doubt.  She got her job in TNA because of 2CW and is just shy of Portia Perez as the uncrowned Queen of 2CW.  Roxxi is an incredible wrestler who has been screwed over by wrestling (oh I’ll just say it, by TNA) and came back better and stronger every single time.  But none of this made her hard.  She is one of the nicest sweetest wrestlers you’ll ever meet.  She is currently kicking ass becoming one of the preeminent fitness competitors in the United States.  Its not an easy thing to do, but its not as bad as taking bumps every night.  You cant blame Roxxi if she wants to take a break from having the crap kicked out of her for money.

4. LuFisto

Yeah lets bring some tough girls into 2CW.  This is the toughest woman in wrestling.  She was injured, retired and still came back from more.  Plus she’s a massive geek!  I not only want to see her wrestle, I want to sit down in a comic shop with her and just go crazy.   Crazy sums up LuFisto too.  She holds her own in Deathmatches against men.  No, that’s selling her short.  She doesn’t hold her own, she fucking thrives!  If you see an adorable friendly face before the show, be nice.  When that bell is rung the transformation takes place and this girl will fuck you up.

3.  Mistress Belmont

Debuting for 2CW at the Rome show Mistress was a huge surprise.  One, for her look.  Striking.  Part goth, part dominatrix, all individual.  There is no one like Mistress Belmont anywhere in wrestling today.   You have to watch her, and then she thrills you with wrestling talent.  There is this amazing move where she throws elbows and then smacks her fist, driving the elbow into her opponent with more force than most of the men can muster.  She more than proved herself in front of the crowd and deserves to be brought back to show what else she can do.

2. Daizee Haze

This one should be a given.  Daizee has been in 2CW a few times and the crowd loves her.  Not to put over another promotion, but Haze is over in Philadelphia as well and if there’s any crowd tougher than us in upstate NY its Phily.  She’s one of the most dedicated women I’ve ever seen, and I would only dare to put Sara Del Rey ahead of her.  Gah, think of that match in this tourney.  Daizee can hold her own against anyone you put against her.  Look, skills and charisma Daizee should be the poster girl for all of womens wrestling.

1. Cheerleader Melissa

Fuck and Yes.  Melissa is the current Shimmer champion, which means despite all accolades I may have put on women elsewhere in this article, she is THE best wrestler in the country today.  She is the biggest mistake TNA has made with their Knockout division, and the fact that WWE never scooped her up is all the evidence you need that the Divas are all about appearance.  One of the best wrestlers I have ever seen live.  Notice I didn’t say women wrestlers.  Wrestlers.  Period.  You hear that its a cheerleader gimmick and expect some joke.  All part of the plan.  Not only could her looks kill, but her kicks can as well.  It would make my year (yeah this show is in March, I still mean the whole year) to see her appear in Squared Circle Wrestling.

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