Judging Covers 10/26/11.

Holy crap there were too many good comics this week!  Seriously, I debated on picking every single book out today and just breaking it up into multiple postings.  But that’s not what this column is about.  Its not about showing every cover.  Like the blog came out of the 1980s (where I guess it would be called a ‘Zine) this is about the Best of the Best!  So I’m picking, after much debate, my five favorite covers from today!

Speaking of favorites, do you all know by now that Zeus Comics is my favorite comic book shop?  If I want something, they got it.  Not only do they have it, but they know exactly where it is too.  They can find it, pull it from the shelf it was born to be on, oh look in perfect condition and all board and bagged too.  Go to ZeusComics.com if you want the rare experience of a good comic book store.

Lets get this comic party started!

5.  Captain America and Bucky #623

Poor Bucky.  I’m assuming this is during World War II, but damn it could be a scene from multiple points in the Marvel Universe time line.  Its a sad cover, dramatic as hell, and a great image to get people to try the book.  Also, look at the specters of death in the background.  I know, they’re alive, but I stand by my description.

4.  Dorothy and the Wizard in Oz #2

I don’t know anything about the Wizard of Oz, or its universe, other than the classic film.  But if this is a world that involves adorable piggies dancing on top hats, I need to be there now!


3.  Journey into Mystery #630

Sit down children and enjoy a bedtime story from Volstagg Rockwell.

2.  Mad #512

What? But Mad is a magazine, not a comic book!   Lets think back to the Seduction of the Innocent/Comics Code era.  The only reason Mad isn’t a “comic” is because of size and marketing.

Anyways, so I guess this means The Walking Dead is officially a massive hit right?  What else is there?  A Weird Al song?

1.  Dead Man’s Run #0

You have no idea how good this comic is.  If you want to know, read my advanced review HERE (and there are some spoilers).  I’ll let you know this much, the cover doesn’t even begin to tell you everything, but it does tell you a lot more than you realize.

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