The Walking Dead #90 Review.

What?!  But Kevin, you say, this issue just came out today!  Yeah I know, the stars aligned and I was able to buy some comics on new comic book day.   Always the first title to be grabbed, bought and read before I even get home, its the latest issue of  The Walking Dead.



Its issue 90, which means we’re 10 away from the milestone 100th issue.  Things are being set up and pieces are being put into place for what’s sure to be a jaw dropping issue in 10 months (or so).  No zombies in this issue, but that doesn’t make it light or skipable (not a word).

Spoilers ahoy!

The issue starts off right where the last one left off, with Rick pointing a gun at Nicholas and demanding an explanation.  Rick shows true leadership and acts as the bigger man.  He gives a great speech on how they all need each other, and they should be a big loving community.  Its enough to quell any anger, but does Rick actually believe anything he says?  We’ll get back to that in a minute.

Maggie flips out on Glenn because she cant feel safe anywhere.  Add Maggie to the top of the Walking Dead Pool (no not that Deadpool).  She’s already attempted suicide once, and anything in life becomes easier the more you do it.  Much like Rick and killing people.  Again, we’ll get back to that.

Abraham is sleeping with, ah hell I forget again, but she’s from the Community and temptress that she is, she’s also buzzing in Abe’s ear.  You should be leader, you should be in control, you can rule Rome.  I mean, the community.  Nicholas may be too weak to lead those who fear Rick, but Abe damn sure isn’t.

Nicholas comes to apologize to Rick and in a series that has had no lack of gory moments watching a man rip out his own spine and throw it before the new alpha male was uncomfortable to read.  Nicholas tried to step up, and failed.  However, his ambition could be used and manipulated by someone stronger.  Say, if someone like Abraham promised Nicholas the world if he joins him in an anti Rick rebellion.

Carl and Rick have a heart to heart and we the readers try to figure out which one is more screwed up.  Has Carl been nurtured (poor choice of words) into NOT feeling anything anymore?  Or has his injury prevented emotions?  I’m calling it now, Carl is killing someone shocking in number 100.

All of this culminates with the moment we’ve been expecting for years.  Andrea gets Rick to rise from the dead.  Oh yes, I went there.  They are two of the strongest characters in the series, they have seen things together that no one else could ever understand.  It only makes sense that they would bond to each other.  A tough person needs another tough person to partner with.  In the zombie filled world they live in, why have someone that cant keep up?  Then you have to chop a girl’s hand off to get away from her.  No, you need someone just as strong.  Someone you don’t have to turn around and make sure is safe, because she’s already running and shooting beside you.

Its a great pairing that could lead to years of stories and growth.

Or, because this is the most unpredictable book on the stands, they could both change their minds in the next issue and that will be all we hear of this.

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