My Top 50 Albums of the Decade!: Part 32 of 50

The Saga…once saw a Chupacabra at the Copacabana

19. The Hold Steady – Almost Killed Me (2004)

Any band that can admit in a song that the 80’s almost killed them and let’s not recall them so fondly, I can get behind. Despite that, The Hold Steady is a really solid band that I don’t think have reached the full masses yet that it’s capable of. The vocals, provided by Craig Finn, are very strange. It’s this combination of screaming/singing, but it works well with the band. This is their debut album, and though they didn’t gain real prominence till the release of their third album, Boys and Girls in America, I’ve always been fonder of this album; it’s honest, in your face, random and just awesome!

Recommended Tracks: “Positive Jam,” “The Swish,” “Most People Are DJ’s,” “Knuckles,” “Killer Parties”

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