My Top 50 Albums of the Decade!: Part 34 of 50

The Saga…got some pants at Old Navy

17. The Gaslight Anthem – The ’59 Sound (2008)

Nobody had ever heard of this band before the release of this album, though I’m an exception; this album took alternative music by storm and gave it something very unique. Think Bruce Springsteen meets Dropkick Murphys only pulled back slightly. People may think that that sucks, but it works really well and sounds fantastic.

Recommended Tracks: “Great Expectations,” “The ’59 Sound,” “Old White Lincoln,” “Film Noir,” “Miles Davis & The Cool”

17. Zac Brown Band – The Foundation (2008)

Every now and then, a country band comes along and brings something refreshing to the table. When Zac Brown Band hit the scene, they brought us southern fried country, which sounds and tastes sweet. Can you honestly go wrong with a band that has eat and greats? A lot of people may see something like Jimmy Buffett, but it’s more than that. You do have the carefree songs, but there is something deeper especially in tracks like “Free” and “Whatever It Is.” I still continue to spin this album about once a week.

Recommended Tracks: “Toes,” “Whatever It Is,” “Free,” “Chicken Fried,” “Highway 20 Ride,” “Jolene”

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