My Top 50 Albums of the Decade!: Part 35 of 50

The Saga…has made it to 35…very interesting

16. The Pernice Brothers – The World Won’t End (2001)

I must thank Elise for this band for if I had never heard of them from her you would not be hearing about them from me. The best way I can describe this band is a mix between The Beatles and matt pond PA. It’s poppy and wonderful to take in and it will cheer up your day or bring it crashing down. The nice thing is while it’s cheery, the lyrics are down trodden and depressing. It’s a great contrast for sure. And I think Joe Pernice may be crazy!

Recommended Tracks: “Working Girls (Sunlight Shoes),” “Our Time Has Passed,” “Bryte Side,” “Shaken Baby,” “The Ballad of Bjorn Borg”

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