Best Comic Book Covers Today! 11/2/11.

I don’t love any of this week’s covers.  But I do love comics.  I also love the staff at Zeus Comics, who are there every week for me to pick up and enjoy some great new titles every week.  My joy for them extends to the Variants, the web series from the staff at Zeus Comics that is funnier than the majority of sitcoms on TV today.

In fact, there’s an all new Variants episode out today too!  Check out the newest show then read on to see my picks for the best covers this week.

Lets get this comic party started!

Shame Itself #1

I’m shocked this title is from Marvel.  If I saw this book, but missed the Marvel logo, I would have thought one of the parody presses was back.  It should be a little funny, at least at the level of What The?!  but I don’t expect a scathing Marvel commentary that could be done from another publisher.  Still a funny cover though.

Snowed In One Shot

I love horror titles when you don’t know what the hell is going on, and that’s how I feel about this cover.  Is the handprint from someone going in or someone going out?  Is the danger and the horror on the inside or outside?  Also, it may not be a human, it could be something with a human hand.  Either its own hand looks human, or its holding the severed hand of a human.  All of this confusion and questions from the cover alone.  Sounds like this is worth a try.

Savage Dragon #175

Its been years since I read Savage Dragon without fail, but I still have warm feelings about my time with the title.  I had heard tell that he was revealed to be an alien.  Looks like those tales were true.  This Flash Gordon inspired Dragon has my full attention.

Hack/Slash #9

Pick your poison.  Either way the cover tells you the magic that is inside this comic.  Cassie Hack and Bomb Queen.  Like the peanut butter and chocolate of independent comic book heroines.  I cant wait to read this one.  Really want to know what my boy Sax Carr thinks about Bomb Queen.  For those of you who might not know, Sax started the Allison Scagliotti for Cassie Hack movement.  I support it, and I would like to one up it with the idea of Kat Dennings for Bomb Queen.

And the number one pick of the week!

Heart #1

I have been looking forward to this for weeks.  This cover does a trick rare in comics.  It is the first panel of the larger story within.  For real.  Buy the book and find out.  Blair Butler has always been ridiculously nice any time I’ve written to her for this site.  Its a good thing this title looks like its going to be great, or I’d be really upset supporting it so much.  Cant wait to review it later today!

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