Incredible Hulk #1 Review.

No, its not the new DC reboot but there’s a lot of new beginnings going on over at Marvel Comics.  Incredible Hulk #1 features our favorite green skinned goliath in an all new title.  But is it worth picking up?

Read on to find out.

From Marvel comics, Jason Aaron, Mark Silvestri and Sunny Cho.

The book starts with the Hulk battling and killing large beasts deep in the Earth’s core.  Hulk has grown out his hair, and a beard, and is wearing less clothes than Conan.  Its almost like Beneath the Planet of the Hulk.  He is killing denizens of the deep that will now become food for his new subturranean friends.  I would say they’re Mole Man’s moloids but not quite.  It seems a shame that Hulk has to kill these amazing creatures, and kudos to the writer and artist for making me care about a random animal in a book, but I suppose its no different than eating a steak or bacon up on the surface world.

Hulk cant relax and enjoy his time with these new friendly monsters.  “They always come”.  Yes, bad things always happen to the misunderstood monster.  And, as expected, the Hulk is found and attacked by… Amanda Von Doom (no relation).  Who the hell is this character?! How can you be called a Von Doom in Marvel and not be related to the Latverian Leviathan known as DOOM!  She is not there to harm the Hulk, only to get his attention.  You see, the US Government has a problem with… Banner.

The book becomes a huge bore!  HA! I mean boar, because it looks like Bruce Banner is fancying himself the new High Evolutionary and is experimenting on animals now.  Above ground.  On some uncharted area.  Wait, that means he is no where near the Hulk and thus the two of them must be separate beings!  Holy crap what has happened here?

Yes, a number one issue is usually just a money grab.  But this is a new start for the two characters, who are now actually two characters.  Silvestri is still an amazing artist and whether he’s drawing monsters or humans in battle or in the calm moments it is visually engaging on every panel.  Jason Aaron is fast becoming one of my favorite writers in all of comics.  Not that he wasn’t good before, but I didn’t pay as close attention as I am now.

I am fascinated by what is happening to these characters, and cant wait to find out more and more about them.  Plus, some great monster battles!

At the close of the issue, Banner says none of the animals is the Hulk, and thus his experiments fail.  (Nice easter egg, look at the animals in the baskets at the end of the issue and how they parallel with the giant monsters from the first pages.)  So is Banner trying to join with the Hulk again, or create something to destroy the Hulk?  No idea but I trust this book to give me one hell of a story to explain it all.


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