A Farewell to Alison Haislip article.

On Monday’s Attack of the Show, Alison Haislip announced that it is her last day with the channel.  She is working on two projects, and because of the commitments to them, will be unable to continue at G4.  This sounded like a great time to remember why she was so great on the show.

Alison came onto the show under a cloud of mystery.  Who was this girl suddenly doing the Feed?  Is it just another blonde in Hollywood trying to use basic cable shows as a stepping stone to movies?  Is she faking being a geek, which is the larger sin on G4.  Neither.  She happened to be a cool geeky person who the people that make AOTS liked.  Yeah, imagine that.  Not hired for a look, not because of a name, not because she was sleeping with someone.  No, she was hired because she was geeky and cool.

Then she stars, and after the initial fears of being on live TV, became awesome.  She went from serving drinks to firing guns and swimming with sharks, to interviewing the biggest stars in film today.  With every new assignment, she levels up.  She even conquered the greatest challenge at G4.  She showed the skill and power to verbally hang with the likes of Kevin Pereira and Chris Hardwick.  Two of the fastest comedy minds on the planet, and Alison took every joke and fired right back at them.

Nothing against Candace, who is doing an amazing job, but when Alison was not named as the new co-host of Attack, the fans were enraged.  She was the heir apparent, the queen to Kevin’s king (not in a physical way) of the holy geek empire that is AOTS.   Then Alison was on The Voice and the whispers began.  *olivia*

No, not this girl.  She continued to do everything she could for AOTS.  Bringing the G4 cameras to The Voice.  Filming segments where ever she could on what should have been days off.  Never once forgetting where she came from and who supported her.  She loves the fans, loves Attack, and loves being a geek.  When Alison said she was up all night playing a new video game she said it because it was true.  Not because some agent thought it was a good idea to say.

There is a reason Alison got a great send off yesterday, and got to say goodbye on air.  Because she is real.  Really a geek, and really a part of the AOTS family.  G4 was not seen as a stepping stone to her.  It was seen as a home.  Eventually you grow up and have to leave home to build something of your own.  But that doesn’t mean she wont come back to visit on the holidays and, because she is true, will always be welcomed back by friends and fans.

Best of luck to Alison.  The fans of G4 and AOTS thank you for being real and honest and a true geek.  We will support you fully in all your new projects.

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