Best Comic Book Covers Today 11/23/11!

I missed last week, did you miss me?  I was so busy reading comics, this column got forgotten.  Try to forgive me, and try to enjoy my picks for the best covers available today.

If you’re looking for helpful staff that always has the newest comics available, check out Zeus Comics.  Sure they’re based in Dallas, but thanks to the internet they are based just a URL from you at all times.

Lets get this comic party started!

27 Second Set #3

Oh Mickey you’re so fine, you’re so fine this cover blows my mind.

Aquaman #3

This may be the most exciting and adventure packed Aquaman has ever looked.  Imagine this as a Conan cover and you would love it.  But just because Arthur is on the front people need to make fun.  Fun time over, Aquaman is cool again.


Avengers Origins #4 Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch

I don’t know why, but the look on Wanda’s face… Its like she’s thinking, “come and try and get it bitches”.

The Last Phantom #10

I don’t know enough about the Phantom’s history to really care about this.  But seeing all previous incarnations of the Ghost Who Walks on the page is a delight.


Marvel Adventures Spider-Man #20

Its Sandman, as a sand castle, flanked by Red Ghost and the Super Apes.  This make my early childhood funny book loving inner child scream in delight.

Ultimate Comics Hawkeye #4

If Clint Barton gets a spin off movie from next year’s Avengers film, here is your one sheet poster.  Frame worthy art featuring the arching avenger!

Vengeance #5

The quote at the bottom absolutely makes this cover.


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