Aquaman #3 Review.

While talking to other comic bloggers I discovered that people haven’t discovered that Aquaman is cool again.  I raved about the first issue, didn’t post anything for the second, but here we are with the third issue and its still good!

Read on to find out what else I thought of it.

The creatures of the Trench continue their assault on land.  They are cocooning humans and animals to bring back to the briny deep as future food.  Much like salting our meat on land (which has my mind wondering if you would need to salt meat in the sea, as it is all salt water, but I digress).  Aquaman and Mera try to find out more information and the next year of this title is set up.

Arthur meets with his father’s old friend, a scientist named Mr. Shin.  Shin helped the young Curry learn how to use his powers, and then threatened to kill him when Arthur wouldn’t show him Atlantis.  Shin examines the body of the dead creature from the deep and offers up his theories on this species’ origins.  In this meeting we’re given a new antagonist in Mr. Shin, the Trench creatures are built up to be even more dangerous, and there are hints that the trident Aquaman carries may not be his and someone may want it back.

Damn!  When was there ever that much going on in an Aquaman comic?  Never that’s when!  Society doesn’t understand Aquaman and still treats him as a joke.  We have Mera, so Arthur always has someone to just talk to that will also understand what’s going on.  This very simple device avoids Aquaman trying to explain himself to other heroes who may not be able to emphasize with him (Wonder Woman aside).  Or, even worse, he could actually talk to fishes.

He saves humans, destroys the enemies (but, doesn’t necessarily kill them himself, it could have been the police) and tries to strike a balance between the land and the sea.  As the issue closes Arthur and Mera dive deep and hope they can figure out a way to save the Trench… and themselves?  What the hell?  Is our hero dying?  Is he trying to become a more recognizable alpha level hero so that when he pleads to the world to stop polluting his home, maybe they will listen.

If the story gets more political and environmental, I will be an even bigger fan of it.  It doesn’t even have to be preachy.  Just Aquaman saying, “I’m dying, please stop poisoning my home” would be enough.

Such an awesome book and still my favorite surprise from the new DC 52.

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