Legion of Monsters #2 Review.

Still working on last week’s comic book reviews!  Which is good because due to the chaos that is Thanksgiving, I have no idea if I’ll be able to get to a shop this week or not.

Onto the monsters!

I did not buy the first issue of this book, and while I enjoy all comics I am too young (though not by much) to have been reading the 70s monster books and I didn’t get into the Midnight Sons run (although I’m pretty sure I own them all).  So is a newbie like me lost in all of this?  Well kind of, but not.

The Legion is composed of Morbius, the Living Mummy, Werewolf by Night, Manphibian and Else Bloodstone.  Morbius has been the living vampire, the disco Dracula, a Midnight Son, a Marvel Zombie hunter, and here he is now back to being a hero and a shady bastard at the same time.  He has his own agenda, and is keeping things from his teammates, but that’s just the way Michael M has always been.

The Mummy and Manphibian meet up with Damian Hellstrom (not introduced by name, and fresh off his appearance in Villains for Hire) for help in dealing with, well whatever the hell is this threat against monsters.  Some sort of disease is causing monsters to lose their minds, literally.  Morbius may have had something to do with it when he was a younger living vampire.  Werewolf by Night and Elsa go to hell to find out some more information.  They go the the one demon who owes ‘Night a favor, Satannish!  Wow.  Straight out of the Marvel Universe Handbook and…. and I think that’s the only place I’ve ever seen him.  Chaos ensues, as they are in hell, and the two “heroes” barely escape.

Well.  Its not a bad comic.  It is fun, and I loves me some monsters and any title that delves into the rich history of Marvel.  But things just aren’t clicking here.  I’m about to give one of my strangest reviews here:  I would love this book if it had a different writer and artist.  I understand, that would be an entirely different comic.  But follow me here.  I love the story, the overall bare bones of the plot. Keep the same writer coming up with the idea and have a co-writer there to help flesh it all out.  The art is too cartoony for the plot.  Sure, how could it be TOO cartoony when its all about monsters and in a comic book.  Elsa has ridiculous hair, the monsters are drawn to look more like comic relief than to be scary.  Then when Morbius is intended to look creepy, it comes off as ridiculous because everything has been drawn too exaggerated before and after this point.  They are a Legion of Monsters.  Lets make it scary.  Instead it threatens me no more than the Groovie Ghoulies.

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