New DVD Day! 11/29/11.

Its actually a light week for DVDs.  Which is really good because I blew way too much money on cheap ones at Black Friday sales.  Lets get right to it.


Smallville the Complete Tenth Season

Smallville the Complete Series

Pick up the last season, or all the seasons, depending on how deep your collection already is.  It may be shocking to hear from a guy that runs one of the internet’s geekiest sites, but I think I’ve only seen 5 or less episodes of Smallville in my life.  True story.  I don’t hate it, I’m smart enough to separate the different versions of Superman from each other and not try to form an overall continuity between all of them.   One day I’ll sit down and marathon this series.  If anyone wants to send me either of these sets, that day could come even sooner.

30 Rock Season Five

That other show besides Community that’s so good you cant believe more people aren’t watching it.  Every single cast member is brilliant.  The show grows and changes and has become more than just a workplace comedy.  Cant wait for it to come back, even though there’s the whole mess with the aforementioned Community.

Tucker and Dale Vs. Evil

I’ve heard about this title for years and honestly thought it was already out.   A great blend of horror and comedy on the level of Evil Dead.  That’s right, I said it.  Indulge and enjoy this one tonight.

Stone Cold: The Bottom Line on the Most Popular Superstar of All Time

The match selection sucks (we’ve seen it before) but the documentary part of the set looks great.  WWE still approves what can and cant be said on their releases, but we’re getting real close to shoot interview territory.  I might wait to see if this shows up on Netflix within a week.

Torchwood Miracle Day

Speaking of on Netflix.  The set brings some extras to enjoy your viewing experience of the series.  If you want to know what I thought of the season, check out the full review.


A modern day Creepshow, this movie shows a group of short horror stories with a small tether connecting them.  Good fun horror with a wink and a tribute to what came before.  Excellent.

Another Earth

A scifi movie and a massive drama.  Its an alternate reality story but so much more.  This movie came out of no where to become one of the most talked about fantasy movies of the year.  Spend the cash, its that good, enjoy at home, because chances are a theater near you did not play it.  Its the top pick for me when I head out to pick up movies today.


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