TNA Spoilers for December 2, 2011.

Only click ahead if you want spoilers!


Sting and Bobby Roode talk.  AJ Styles and Jeff Hardy also have their says.  Sting announces a 3 way match for the main event.

Devon and Pope vs Ink Inc vs. Mexican America.  I thought Jesse Neal got fired?  Anyways, Devon and Pope win and get a tag title match.

Austin Aries promo, Kid Kash interrupts.  Match at Final Resolution PPV.

Mickie James vs. ODB in a street fight.  Mickie wins when she kicks a chair into ODB’s face.

Set your DVRs!  Tara, Brooke, Winter and Angelina have a car wash water fight.  Gail Kim gets in on it too.  RATINGS!

Robbie E vs Robbie VD.  The referee is distracted by Eric Young, so Christopher Daniels comes the other way and distracts allowing Robbie E to get the win and retain the TV title.

Bobby Roode vs Jeff Hardy vs AJ Styles.  Jeff Jarrett interferes, pushes Hardy off the ropes, and Roode gets the pin.

Sting announces Jarrett vs Hardy at the PPV with way too many stipulations.


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