Wolverine and the X-Men #2 Review.

I loved the first issue of this title that as soon as I saw issue 2 was coming out this week I set aside the money and rushed down to pick it up.  Does the second issue hold up as well, or does it fall victim to the sophomore slump?

Read on to find out!

For those of you who were here last issue, the new Jean Grey school is under attack by the all new all teen Hellfire Club and a living earth beneath them.  It is possibly the most action packed comic I’ve read in forever.  Krakoa, the living island attacks the mansion, there is an army of Frankenstein monster soldiers, and Iceman.  Holy crap.  Iceman steps up, and creates ICE CLONES OF HIMSELF!  Yeah, one of the original X-Men, who many considered to be a joke, steps up and levels up into a much more dangerous character.  Oh, you’re one of the most powerful villains on the planet?  Yeah, I can create a battalion of icemen to fight you.  Take that!

The fight will continue through to the next issue and it looks like Kid Omega is about to step up.

Gah!  This book is crazy.  There are so many tributes to Marvel’s history but also this brand new world.  The third issue for sure, if not more, will all be taking place within this first day at the school.  No classes, no tests, just fight for your life X-Kids!  It is a life fight too.  Not that anyone has died (yet) but there is an overall sense of danger to every panel in the book.  If someone did just up and die it would not be shocking for a moment.  Every page turn is exciting.  Anyone could show up, anything could take place, and anyone could kiss another long term character at any time!

Oh yeah, Iceman totally makes a move on Kitty Pryde.  Why he would want to piss off the Juggernaut’s bitch is beyond me.  (Colossus and pop culture jokes!)

To repeat myself from the last review, I have been away from the X-Men for a long time but this title is one of the most fun mutant books I’ve ever read.  I don’t know about Cyclops’s team yet, but if this book continues to be even half as good (and hopefully just as good) I am on board for the length of it.

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