Amazing Spider-Man #674 Review.

Spider Island is over, but what now?

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Spider-Man is in an in between state and its fascinating!  I admit, I hated the comic when I first read it but the more I thought about the events of the title the more I wanted to find out.  Thus, comics success!  Spidey is hated by some in New York for causing the whole Spider Island thing.  But he’s also a much beloved Avenger.  The conflict this creates in people is brilliant.  Its like being saved by a fireman who was an asshole to you in high school.  How do you feel?  The mental torment would be immense.  Spidey always has to be hated, part of Pete’s struggles is that he protects those who hate him.  His membership in the Avengers could have ruined all that, but it doesn’t.

I also seem to be coming into this book as another one of Pete’s relationships has ended.  But with every ending comes a new beginning.  While dating doesn’t work out, Spider-Man having a police informant is an idea I cant believe we haven’t seen before in the pages of Amazing.

As Spider-Man grows the villains have to grow too, and the Vulture’s new role intrigues me.  Everything about this book has me thinking, well this is new.  That is an incredibly rare feat to pull off in a title that has been around for so long.  In fact, the only thing that seems out of place and doesn’t click at all here is Mary Jane.  Its like the creative team has to force her into the issue, relation to the plot be damned.

I’m back on for Spider-Man if it continues to be this awesome.

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