Best Comic Book Covers of the Week! 11/30/11.

I have today off of work and fingers crossed I’ll be able to make it to the local comic book shop today (or, comiXology depending on how fast I want stuff).  These aren’t all the comics I’ll be buying but they are the ones with the coolest covers that just jump off the shelves.

Let me talk a little about local comic book shops.  Out of the four shops within a reasonable distance from me (2 hours), two are awful, one is hit or miss and one rocks but its the furthest one away.  Speaking of far, if I could plan my finances ahead of time I would pre order all of my books through Zeus Comics.  I get my images and comics list from them every week.  They know their stuff and just want to spread the love and joy that is comics.  Order books from them, visit if you’re in Dallas and watch the Variants.

Now, lets get this comic party started!

Archie #627 (Archie Meets KISS)

Its the clean cut virginal (kinda) world of Archie meeting the leather metal cock and rock world of KISS.  Even if you don’t read Archie, or listen to KISS, you have to see this on the rack and go “WTF?!  Oh man, I gotta buy this.”

Full disclosure here.  I’m getting the Rob Liefeld cover because he retweeted me (on Twitter, duh).  Seeing this cover takes me back to the early 90s.  Skipping meals at school (junior or high) and taking that money to buy comics every week.  From New Mutants to X-Force to Youngblood.  I was there all along for Rob’s unique style and this cover takes me back to those days.

Avengers Origins #5 Thor

I admit, I was going to skip this one because it looks so similar to the previous covers in this series.  Which I also featured.  And damn that hammer in the background looks great.

Batman Odyssey Volume 2 #2

Is that Batman riding a giant bat against some bad guy riding a dinosaur?  Even if I’m not totally right its really close to that and that is really close to why we buy comics.

Bomb Queen VII #1

Don’t be fooled.  Bomb Queen is more than tits an ass, although obviously that’s there too.  Bomb Queen is satire and parody with a great story underneath.

Daredevil #6

Wrestling esque and yes I may pick it up for that reason alone.

Ghost Rider #6

That is one fucked up cover.  If it was the cover for a horror novel I would buy it right away, so why do I pause because it says Ghost Rider?  Think I’ll give this one another try.

Herc #10

Something about this cover is channeling epic fantasy in my mind.  Herc is a title I should have started reading a year ago but I always skip over.  If anyone knows a deal on the first graphic novels (free is a good deal) let me know and I’ll get all caught up on this title.

Mouse Guard Black Axe #3

Ferret King!  There is a comic that has a MFing Ferret King!  This is the greatest thing I’ve learned all week.

Super Dinosaur #6

Its a dinosaur, that’s super, and in a scuba suit!  Plus there is something even bigger than a dinosaur showing its fangs behind him!  If I had a kid I’d be buying this for him every week.

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