Daken Dark Wolverine #17 Review.

Co-starring the Runaways!  What could happen here?!  Click to read more after the break and find out the thoughts!

Well, I’m not familiar enough with Daken to know anything here.  However, it does succeed in making me curious.  Marcus Roston gets Daken caught on Heat, a new drug that wrecks havoc with his mutant immune system.  Marcus is one of “those” villains in comics.  He’s so powerful that there’s no way we (the readers and denizens of the Marvel Universe) wouldn’t have heard of him before.  Yet we couldn’t have heard of him, because he didn’t exist before.  Its almost like Sentry, but not being shoved down our throats.  Daken has an FBI agent helping him, Donna Kiel, and its like I’m watching early seasons of Angel.

Oh shit, that’s exactly what this is.  A group of monsters run business in LA (and possibly further), an anti hero arrives in town and is an asshole yet does some good.  Plus there are villains that are so powerful there’s no way that the greater populace wouldn’t know of them.  Its too big to hide from public eyes.

There is no one likable in the book.  Daken is not just the child of Wolverine, he’s the child of the Extreme 90s, with just as much character work behind him.

Worst of all, the Runaways don’t even appear until the last page.  So that was a 3 (or was it 4?) dollar tease.

I’ll read the next issue, provided it actually has the Runaways in it, but if that issue is at the same level as this one that’s it for me and Daken.

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